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there's anotheway to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. our premium litters now work harder to help neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home. >> good morning, it's saturday, august 14th, i'm juliet huddy in for alisyn. >> sunday. >> juliet: sunday, wow. horror at the state fair. watch this. (scream (screams) >> oh, unbelievable. strong storms send a concert stage crashing on a crowd and the search for bodies continues in indiana. >> iowans making their choice clear. >> and we've just sent a message to barack obama--
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>> oh, hold on. what about rick perry. the texas governor stealing headlines from the newly crowned queen of the g.o.p. >> clayton: they spend their days rebuilding the new york city sky line and breaks at the bar. ground zero hard hats are hitting the hard stuff for lunch, boozing on the job. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> and talking about it. itchy eye. >> juliet: i have a tear duct that's just, it's driving me crazy. >> clayton: she was up late last night watching the results from iowa and twitchy results. >> juliet: i saw the results and then i went to bed. no offense, but what an evening, what a day it was. >> clayton: the iowa caucuses
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officially have a front runner, her name michele bachmann, the minnesota congress woman yesterday winning the straw poll. steve brown is in ames, iowa with more on this, steve. >> yes, good morning, juliet, clayton and mike. over 16,000 folks came here, a pretty good turnout for the straw poll and there she is, michele bachmann on top of the his. how close ron paul got with far less buzz and far less participation here in iowa, directly himself. but, michele bachmann is the story, quite clearly coming out of the straw poll. she's the winner and not been in the campaign the longest and gotten it done through a lot of help here on the ground from iowans and last night after her victory, she wanted to thank her supporters. >> we love you. >> thank you, everyone. we love you, god bless you. god bless america. now it's on to all 50 states,
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god bless you everyone. >> now, if you're looking for a second tri story perhaps it belongs to rick santorum, a guy in the low single digit polls here in iowa and nationally and popped up to fourth, a really impressive showing given he has a little campaign money, but instead of money he invested the other valuable thing that he has, which is time. doing over 90 campaign events here in iowa so far this year. so, rick santorum may be your secondary story, guys. >> thank you, steve. the des moines register noting that rick perry was waiting in the wings, is that a fair assessment this morning in iowa he was waiting and heard the speeches coming and then the pounce? >> yeah, i think that's a fair assessment. at least from an iowans point of view and making his first campaign trip, if you will, to iowa today and there's going to be an awful lot of media coverage, including the bbc, as i'm to understand it.
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it's an international event if you will, but he's come on to michele bachmann's turf. in order to compete you have to build out an organization and rick perry is getting out of the gate. it's possible to build an organization, certainly there are organizers and people out here that could help rec perry, but that work has just begun while the bachmann team tells me they're going back to work on monday starting to hire county campaign chairs and building out the rest of the campaign staff and caucus and folks that are motivated to go and get it done and rick perry is just starting and he's got catching up to do if we're talking about iowa. guys. >> juliet: steve brown, thank you for that report. appreciate you getting up early for us. michele bachmann on top of the straw poll. >> mike: she was born in iowa of course and related to in the little speech she gave. >> juliet: what do you mean little speech. >> clayton: she popped out of
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the bus. >> mike: hello everybody, let's vote. >> juliet: and ron paul's showing. >> mike: i don't think it's surprising, i tweeted before it happened, here is my guess and got it right, all three and ron paul does well in straw polls. >> clayton: down to the 200 votes and remarkable, mike. michele bachmann popped out of that bus and everyone was clamoring to see what she was going to say next about her big victory, here is what she said on how she won. >> people appreciated the fact that i have been fighting, marking time in congress, i've been a fighter and i think one thing they know about me, i say what i mean, i mean what i say, and i have a spine and a backbone and that's what they want. they want someone to go to washington d.c. and be new, bold, different and stand up. >> juliet: the spine comment again and referenced her spine in, you know, to-- >> titanium. >> juliet: yes, when she was in the debate. you know, she -- this woman is a woman who has been from all
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accounts a fierce, fierce competer, she's been out there, on time. keeps to a strict schedule and shows up to all the event and not the mittness protection program, some criticize mitt romney. she's out there in public going day in day out all day long. >> clayton: iowa was the big story and another big story was happening and steven hayes tweeted yesterday she was on bret baier's panel and felt surreal. we're watching all of the speeches in iowa and rick perry in south carolina making this announcement for president. >> i came to south carolina because i will not sit back and accept the path that america is on. because a great country requires a better direction. because a renewed nation needs
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a new president. it is time to get america working again and that's why with the support of my family and unwavering belief in the goodness of america, i declare to you today, as a candidates for president of the united states. >> mike: yesterday mike huckabee was talking about, he didn't think it was a good idea that rick perry be in south carolina, should have been in iowa and seems like people who ormsed the straw poll, he should be here. i think it works the opposite. i don't know as much as mike huckabee, media was covering nine people in iowa and rick perry got a lot of attention by himself in south carolina. >> clayton: this is like juliet throwing a party at your house and upset because mike doesn't come to the party. >> juliet: mike never, never, never passes up a party. >> mike: i would have been there. >> clayton: get the balloons set up and. >> juliet: what the-- >> why didn't he come to my party. >> mike: and sets you apart from the party goers off at
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another event. >> juliet: and we have been talking aboutham and the fact there are several other candidates in theee aye straw poll, obviously and we're talking about rick perry and little ticks down in the rundown, but he did win the straw poll in alabama and did go off to, won the straw poll and herman cain second, and mitt romney third after south carolina, alabama he jets off to-- >> new hampshire. >> mike: yeah. >> juliet: he actually had a dinner party there with some guests and media. >> clayton: and he went it that dinner party. he didn't waste team ago off president obama and distinguishing himself going after the big guy. the fact is for nearly three years president obama has been downgrading american jobs, downgrading our standing in the world. he's been downgrading our financial stability, he's been downgrading our confidence and downgrading the hope for a better future for our children. that's a fact. and i know something, america is not broken.
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washington d.c. is broken. [applaus [applause]. >> clayton: he hit on taxes and government and now of course he certainly has a track record in section section with 37% of the jobs created during this economy created in texas. >> juliet: when everybody is worrying about paying their tax-- paying their mortgage and keeping their job, that is something that is, that's enticing to folks icht you heard the crowd get whipped up during this particular comment, take a listen. >> we're dismayed, dismayed half of all americans don't even pay any income tax and the liberals out there are saying that we need to pay more. we are indignant about leaders who do not listen and spend money faster than they can print it. in america, the people are not subjects of the government, the government is subject to the people.
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>> juliet: and here is the interesting thing, he's a social conservative, against gay rights, he's against abortion and you know, he's got the texas swagger as some were commenting about, some up in new hampshire up in the dern, is that something transferrable to the rest of the state. >> mike: he's a good speaker, almost leans to almost like preacher-like at time. >> clayton: a good candidate and the money and campaigning question we're going to see, too, donors. >> mike: the record like you said in texas with his economy and jobs there, jobs, jobs, jobs. >> clayton: coming up in a few minutes we'll talk with our political panel and break down what the perry race means and far more interesting to me what comes out offee aye what does it mean for the other folks in iowa, pawlenty. >> juliet: he came in third and an early morning conference call to talk about. >> mike: what are they going to do now? i think he stays in. >> clayton: in this point it's too early to call because after straw poll. >> mike: the history of the straw poll, the caucus is more
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important, 120,000 people involved in that instead of 16,000. >> juliet: know the band sugar land. >> mike: yes. >> juliet: this is leading to a fox news alert. a horrible, horrible story. four people are dead at least 40 injured this morning after a stage came crashing down at indiana state fair. one fair goer filmed the whole thing as it happened. watch. (scream (screams) >> oh, man, you can hear in the video just terror as strong winds caused all of that metal rigging and lighting equipment to come crashing down on the crowd below. right now to vanessa mcclure. she's live at the indiana fairground and thanks for joining us, bring us up-to-date, please. >> reporter: good morning, guys, yeah, as i said. you can imagine why witnesses call this one of the most terrifying thing they've ever
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seen. you can see the wreckage behind me, what is left of the stage after it came down last night. i want to take you through a bit of the time line how it happened here in indianapolis. we did have some severe thunderstorms rolling in, rain was starting to fall on the state fairgrounds and the band sugar land hadn't taken the stage yet the officials telling us they were monitoring the severe weather, but really, it was a massive gust of wind that shook the stage loose. it swayed a few times witnesses tell us and then it came clashing down. about 12,000 fans were here getting ready to watch that concert. and this morning, four of them are confirmed dead, 40 are injured. and unfortunately, state police telling us, they expect that number to rise this morning, several people took themselves to the hospital and those injuries are ranging from very serious to critical this morning. and a few of them with just a few scrapes and bruises, but we had a number of witnesses calling into our station,
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posting on facebook and we spoke with one woman standing right by the stage when it came down. >> people just started running, running and it was leak a stampede, and it was surreal and i didn't, couldn't move and once it started going down and everyone started to take off. >> now, this morning, there are some questions about whether or not officials did or should have ordered everyone to evacuate. it sounds like they were in the process of going over their emergency plan when again, this big gust of wind came up and the stage came down before anyone really had any time to react. the next step here waiting for another press conference scheduled sometime this morning here at indiana state fairgrounds between nine and noon and we're expecting an update on those victims, the injuries and unfortunately, the deaths. for now, that's the latest from indianapolis, back to you guys in new york. >> mike: hey, vanessa, a couple of things, mike here.
6:14 am
a stage, you know bands comp in and put up the stage. and was this sugar land's stage and was sugar land on the stage when it collapsed? >> we're still looking into who built the stage. state police would not comment on the part of the investigation into the manufacturing of the stage. but we know that sugar land was not on the stage. they'd had an opening act perform that also left and it's our understanding there was still part of the assembly process actually going on when it came down. we know that two of the victims have been identified, we're waiting to learn if they may have been part of the crew that was helping to assembly the stage at the time. either it wasn't fully secured yet they were still working on it, no, sugar land was nowhere on the stage. they were actually back in their band, trailer safe from this when it happened. they were about 15 minutes away from getting ready to perform when the stage came down. >> juliet: vanessa, quickly. from our point of view is
6:15 am
looks like the whole stage is covered. the roof of the stage collapses on to the stage. is that what happened and or we're seeing that and the video we're looking at is tough to see. >> mike: collapses on itself. >> reporter: yes, it was basically, like the overhang area, the top part of the stage and tarps, that came down. this is on the track at the indiana state fairgrounds and there's also a grandstand. the stands were not affected that go up. a lot of bleachers that face the stage. what collapsed was main stage area the lighting the area the band would have been standing and people who were trapped and crushed would be those fans who were standing there on the track on ground level waiting for this concert to happen. >> juliet: what a horrible story, vanessa, thanks for that story. we appreciate it. >> mike: thanks. >> juliet: in the front area, where the v.i.p.'s are and the best seats in the house. >> mike: looks like it came right down on to the stage and into the crowd. >> juliet: we're going to get on to other headlines now, police make arrest in the case
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of a missing three-year-old from missouri. 43-year-old shaun morgan charged with the murder of brianne stshgs they believe that he suffocateded girl. her body has not been found. and she was riding her bike. in afghanistan, leaving 19 people dead, the attack happened in province outside of kabul. five in the attack, 14 killed were afghan government workers and security forces. look at this incredible new video from the outskirts of london. rioters clashing with local police and now, political bands are breaking between the government and opposition. liberal democrats calling on prime minister david cameron to stop knee jerk reactions to the intense rioting and looting and oppose plans to cut benefits and evict
6:17 am
families of accused rioters to their homes. he's life. we covered this yesterday. missing boy scout returned back home thank goodness after surviving a frigid night alone. he got separated from his boy scout troop and took a wrong turn and event built a shelter out of branches and covered himself in dirt to stay warm. >> and was in-- that's what scared me when i first saw them. >> i'm happier than i think i've ever been because i was probably as scared as i'd ever been. >> juliet: i was thinking about the drive home. wow. search crews found the 12-year-old four to five miles from where he was last seen. thank goodness. >> mike: do you think he'll get a badge on his sash. >> juliet: a big badge, thank goodness. rick reichmuth.
6:18 am
>> that's a good one. a merit badge. and cooler areas in the west, but check this out. looking for a nice sunday afternoon across the east coast it's not going to happen. pretty much a washout and heavy rain falling from around the philadelphia area and back towards baltimore all the way up to around boston and they're going to see two to four inches of rain and localized flooding and the other spot we're dealing with moisture the four corner states and seeing some pretty good showers and thunderstorms this morning and that's going to continue all day long. the central part of the country try from minneapolis, to san antonio and triple digits across the deserts and tomorrow more heat across the central part of the country, 91 in denver as well. clayton, send it over to you. >> clayton: thank you so much, rick. rick perry, another rick, 2012 candidate campaigning on his sta state's job growth, and
6:19 am
unemployment rate are top worries for voters. will the physical conservative suffer from attacks on his spending record. joining us ellen radner, former advisor to president george w. bush, carey, and david web, nice to see you. >> nice to see you, clayton. >> clayton: david, the democrats wasting no time going after rick perry and big government spng, but we've seen 37% of jobs created in this country comes from texas. do they have a leg to stand on in their attacks against him. >> no, they don't and they've got to go after him. look at the federal government grown by 150,000 plus workers under president obama. 2006-2010 the pelosi led congress they grew, you know, the workers in epa, the doe and several agencies. the democrats by definition is big government. centralized government control, obamacare being the best example of that. so, they have nothing.
6:20 am
when you have no record to run on you've got to go after the guy who's got a record that says he's created most of the jobs, concentrated in any state. >> clayton: ellen, you're shaking your head. >> first of all, perry is lucky because texas is an energy state and housing is low, et cetera, cost of living is low. however, the governor of texas i'm saying this to my democratic friends and republican friends doesn't have a lot of power in the state. the power is invested in the legislature. i don't know how much rick perry created or didn't create anything. >> because you worked for george w. bush, talk about texas here. >> i think for the democrats to go after rick perry and say he's all about big spending and growing government is laughable. by definition, again, the democrats are all about big spending, growing government and entitlement programs. this guy created 40% of the job growth. >> clayton: why yesterday during his announcement did he come out and try to distance himself from george w. bush and spending? >> well, probably because people are going to try to make that association, okay? but the bottom line is this,
6:21 am
he's created results there. the lowest-- unemployment rate in texas lower than the united states as a whole and created 40% of job growth in america from 2009 to 2011. he's doing things right down there and democrats look at him and take lessons what he's doing. >> go ahead. >> i'm saying he probably isn't doing a heck of a lot. is lucky and doesn't have the power that the legislature in texas has. >> clayton: david, from a tea party perspective. what does he do now to michele bachmann, the big winner of course in iowa the straw poll and rick perry sort of stole some of her thunder and making an announcement in south carolina, does he get some of the tea party votes and what does it mean for her. >> he'll get support, i've talked to tea party, especially in texas behind rick perry and first two people rick perry has to take out of the race if he's going after romney, it's going to be bamman and pawlenty and that's the reality of what politics is, the straw poll is a straw poll, it's motivation, it's not a meter of the rest of the country.
6:22 am
so, perry now has to think political strategy and those are the two he needs to take out if he's going to go after romney. and by the way, the political pot calling the kettle black. again, back to this point that obama and the pelosi led congress for four years was trying to blame a new conservative house for the big spending, is a recollection idea, and americans have not bought into it. >> wait a minute, president clinton balanced the budget and had a plan to get us out of debt and then george bush came in and the debt increased multiple, i mean-- >> ellen, it did, 10.57 billion in 2008 when bush was over. it's now 14.6 trillion a 35% growth. so, the numbers are there and you can't turn around, bush was a big spender, he had his faults, that's the truth. but the fact is 35% growth since obama took office in two years plus, that's recollection. >> clayton: i want to get
6:23 am
you-- >> he's outspending george w. bush 4-1, okay and this promised us 8% or less unmroement isn't working. we've got 9.1, people are laid off by the minutes. >> wait a minute, we've had 17 months of continuous job growth in this country and what president obama came in and inherited was not a pretty picture. we've got to stop doing this inherited. >> no, that's the fact. >> this economy is owned by president obama. it's been two years plus. this is his problem. >> all because you guys are trying to make him 17 months of continuous job growth. >> dave, final word the let's look at it from a fiscal point of view. regardless republican or democrat, i have no job, i'm underemployed, millions of people are out of work and our effective unemployment rate is somewhere probably close to 17%. we have a problem in this country and the political partisanship that the
6:24 am
democrats want to play demonize, marginalize doesn't work anymore. >> maybe newt gingrich had the on something on the straw poll, we all need to come together. thank you on this sunday. rowdy mobs not following the cower few and philly's mayor nutter, forced to hit back as it's closer to home. he says get a watch everyone. they spent their days rebuilding the new york city sky line and spend their breaks at the bar. ground zero hard hats hitting the hard stuff for lunch. we're going live to afghanistan this morning where you'll meet the singing soldiers that have been burning up the web. ♪ [ gnome ] ahh...
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♪ >> hey, welcome back everybody. here is something frightening, there's new information about the u.s. citizen who was abducted and kidnapped in pakistan. >> juliet: pete doocy has an update for us, good morning,
6:29 am
pete. >> no one has information on the abduction of weinstein, je austin and associates out of arlington, virginia. before the sun came up yesterday in pakistan 3 or 4 in the morning. six to eight told the guards posted there they wanted to sit down with a meal with them, which is commonplace during ramadan and they overwhelmed them and forced the driver to knock on the american's door and when he did he was abducted. there's still no sign of the man, we don't know a whole lot about, other than in his 60's, speaks six languages and working on international development projects for a quarter century. he's lived in lahor for seven years and lived alone in a nice part of town there model town and police say he was planning on leaving pakistan within a week or so and worth
6:30 am
pointing out lahore where the pakistani military had their handsful of insurgents and conduct activities along the afghanistan border. no word who is behind this or what the motive might be. back to you guys. >> mike: keep us updated. >> juliet: the rest of your headlines, overnight a team of six homicide bombers stormed a compound leaving 19 people dead. the attack happened in the province about an hour outside kabul. there were six homicide bombers in all five of whom died in the attack and the other 14 killed were afghan government workers and security forces. more troubling news revealed about the suspect held in connection with the death of robin gardner, the missing american woman in aruba. his former wife now describing him as a man who quote, can't control his angel. sandals pink shirt found during the search of an abandoned mean do not belong
6:31 am
to gardner. she were snorkeling and he claims that the 35-year-old never made it out of the water. a manhunt in lebanon after prison break. five men reportedly used bed sheets to rappel down the wall. and you can see them in the photo and most of the members of militant group unfortunately linked to al-qaeda. dramatic video of china, you're going to look at a boatful of teenagers whose raft got trapped in a raging whirlpool and more dicey when the rescue workers arrive. you can see the rushing water and take a look at this. we are going to have to show you later, but the rushing water capsized the boat and the teens and rescue workers were okay. >> mike: you painted a good picture, juliet. >> juliet: raging waters and swirling around. >> clayton: mike theater of the mind. >> let's not use the weather
6:32 am
map and i'll tell you the weather. it's a bad idea. your temperatures waking up. a lot more green, that's good news, especially across the country. in the cooler part of the morning. and you see all of this, reds and yellows here, some are thunderstorms waking you up. anywhere from d.c. up towards around connecticut right now, look at that, very significant rain. if you have slight plans across the eastern part of the country and anything through atlanta. up through much of the new york city airports you're going to be dealing with a lot of delays today. keep that in mind. some of them might be delays out west. we are getting rain across parts of the four corners and heavy rain this morning, right around where the burn area was, a couple of months ago, means you could be dealing with mudslides around parts of ar he air. take a look at how much rain we're talking about, the next couple of days, heavy rains and reds in except of four inches of rain and that could cause some pretty significant flooding especially across areas of jersey, prone to flooding and two tropical things that we've got up here.
6:33 am
one is tropical storm franklin. it will wind down throughout the day not affecting anybody, but there's a new tropical depression that formed than gurt later on in the day and ber meweda, 45 or 50 mile an hour storm. up to our 7th storm, guys. >> juliet: we don't like to hear that. i'm sorry i was looking at my notes and-- >> going to caicos two weeks from today and keeping an eye on the hurricanes, because it's hurricanes. cheap tickets. >> juliet: are you okay. >> mike: cheap tickets. >> clayton: see the flashing lights over my shoulder, the fuzz out there, the police out there. >> mike: 5-0. >> clayton: that's what it was like last night in philadelphia. they've got a curfew in philadelphia, the violence they have. mike, you live there. >> mike: i live in philly. >> clayton: 32 gunshots fired in one weekend, three people killed in mid july, prompting
6:34 am
the mayor there to have to take some action. >> mike: yeah, and the other issue, the teenagers doing the flash mobs, we call them violent mobs in fphil yu, you think of them-- >> dancing in the middle of team square. >> mike: dancing on somebody's head about 40 of them jumped a guy in center city, basically downtown philadelphia and ripped him out of the car. >> juliet: very nice. >> mike: very nice there, and tourists go there and go to restaurants and fancy places, ripped a guy out of a car and beat the heck out of them. 30, 40 teenagers and apparently they got together on the social networks you know, facebook or whatever, twitter, let's meet down here and randomly start kicking the heck out of somebody. >> juliet: not even just that, but just terrorizing and rampaging and grabbing people's food. >> mike: creating mayhem. one way to combat this, curfew
6:35 am
in, nine o'clock in center city and university city, the heart of where the tour i-s hang out and people come up from the suburbs, nine o'clock at night. if you're under 18 you've got to be in your house or off the streets. >> clayton: they've made 50 arrests so far this weekend. he says we're taking this seriously. >> juliet: they should take it seriously, good for them. >> clayton: kedds are still fooling around. hooker is philadelphia's mayor michael nutter talking about this. >> we're serious as a heart attack. if your child is out after curfew, tall, short, nice, not so nice, the curfew is the curfew is the curfew, buy a watch. >> mike: he says buy a watch because the first night they arrested 50 people and i didn't know about the curfew, well, get a watch. >> clayton: i didn't know it was nine o'clock. >> mike: what, nine o'clock? >> tell us a little about mayor nutter, known for being kind of a no nonsense guy. >> mike: very no nonsense and a police commissioner, ramsey,
6:36 am
very no mon sense. he went up there and went on a 30 minute sermon, some call it a rant, we will not put up with this and diverted a little and talked to the youth of philadelphia saying pull up your pants and get the pick out of your hair. >> juliet: he says you're hurting african-americans by doing this. >> mike: you're hurting your race. >> clayton: and certainly there on the weekends in philadelphia, and keep our eye on that. 50 arrested, went on the total overnight. >> mike: have you seen the liberty tower. >> juliet: how much is going up. >> mike: i know. the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in a few weeks. >> juliet: they're working and the crews on ground zero are working nonstop, 24/7 to get everything finished in the next few years. >> mike: at least the memorial. >> juliet: the memorial finished, but this is a story i've heard this story before and it's not unusual. there have been some construction workers working down there who were caught, you know, taking a lunch
6:37 am
break, having a couple drinks, downing beer and then go back to the ground zero site. say what you will about that, remember we're talking skyscrapers here and trying to put things together to stay together. >> clayton: you want safety and the girders put together. these individuals, the new york post did a sort of undercover watching of these guys and followed them on the lunch break, up to five beers during the lunch break and going back to girders back up. five beers, i get sleepy after a beer. >> juliet: it's hot out there. >> clayton: five beers on a lunch break. >> mike: and some shots, too, of whiskey and here is the thing, there are about 2 billion dollars in overruns already, really? so, a couple of bars down there on murray street by the construction site and guys at 11:45 in the morning one of their lunch breaks and mid day doing shots and beers, no wonder there are overruns. >> clayton: and so long to get construction started with all of the issues. let us know what you think,
6:38 am >> juliet: that came out of the new york post and they always get in there and do all of these-- >> they talked to a bartender, you know, we should look into the wall street guys and-- >> two martini lunches, that's like madmen down there. next up on the show he's been there three whole days and not coming down until police meet his demands. >> juliet: and rick perry may be popular, but can he compete with barack obama and mitt romney when it comes to money, cash money? one of the men working to bring new cash into the campaign is next. ♪ naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow.
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>> welcome back, some quick headlines ♪ it's raining... metal? check out atlanta after railings from a bridge crumbled down on a busy highway pt doesn't sound fun. no one was injured and the bridge will remain closed indefinitely and talk about towering over everyone, this guy dangling from a radio tower in tulsa, oklahoma since thursday morning. police don't know why he climbed the tower. he hasn't said if he's been-- he's been sleeping and asked for a hamburger and cigarette and police say he'll get them when he comes down, i guess.
6:43 am
clayton? >> that's why my signal is so much better he's been up there (laughter) >> thanks, juliet. texas governor rick perry finally made it official. >> it is time to get america working again, and that's why, with the support of my family and unwavering belief in the goodness of america, i declare to you today as a candidate for president of the united states. >> and there you have it. our next guest has been working the past it would two and a half months or so to show off support for perry's bid. the co-chair of the students for perry and joins us now. how excited are you this morning? >> i'm excited, i'm raring to go. >> mike: so, and a half months. why do you like him? >> i like him because he's the candidate that we need to take on president obama and the general election i believe he's the only candidate in the republican field that can
6:44 am
unite the establishment wings and tea party wings of the party e that's an interesting take on this. yesterday of course we saw the results in iowa and during the straw poll there was a lot of criticism of governor perry from the folks in iowa and thought he stole some of the thunder. >> i don't think so, he wasn't on the ballot and he beat mitt romney a supposed front runner who was on the ballot. >> mike: yesterday, joseph we had a young man on about your age and you know what people under 30 like, they like passion, like truth, they like compromise. can rick perry give us those three things? >> oh, definitely. you know, he has the passion. you just saw his stump speech yesterday. and last time i checked the american people are going to like balanced budgets and jobs. this is what the election is going to come down to next november. >> clayton: are you trying to get, are you seeing a lot of passion though? i mean, one of the big criticisms early on in this republican primary field over
6:45 am
the past few months is the lack of passion about any of the candidates. do you think that governor perry lights that fire? certainly under the youth who traditionally don't go out to the polls all that afternoon? >> i think so. just look at recent numbers, governor perry inspires the most positive intensity amongst those that know of him. i think that trend will continue. when they listen to the message about jobs and the economy, they'll like what they hear. >> what is your take on the social issues? he's certainly a social conservative and i don't know, let's paint with a broad brush here this morning of people under 30 may be looking at more progressive. is he socially conservative enough for you? >> oh, yeah, he's perfectly fine with me, and i value federalism in this country and i love how governor perry stands by the 10th amendment very strongly. i think we need more leadership like that. >> also one of the big questions of course, money, money raised for this candidate. he's done quite a good job of
6:46 am
that already and the goal is 10 million dollars out there in front and a lot of concerns from some of the other candidates that he might suck up all the money. do you think he's going to have that bank account tied together pretty well? >> that's only because i think many people see hem as a the alternative to mitt romney and quickly going to turn into a mitt romney versus governor perry race. >> if you were advising him at your young age, rick perry, a lot of people go, rick perry kind of makes me feel good, but i want a candidate who can absolutely for sure defeat president obama and a lot of people lean toward mitt romney in that case. how do you take on romney? >> you take on romney because you layout the content. the fact is that governor romney supported a health care bill in massachusetts that's very similar to obamacare and that he raised fees by 500 million dollars in massachusetts and went on to brag about that in order to get a credit rating increase
6:47 am
in the state of massachusetts. while governor perry balanced the budget, created many jobs in texas. >> clayton: so it's a strategy to go after mitt romney next as the presumptive front runner or taking on everyone. >> i think he's going to take on governor romney, layout that contrast and let the primary voters think who they'll best layout the contract to president obama. >> clayton: a young man with fire in politics. >> mike: for sure a happy man this morning. joseph, thanks a lot. >> thanks for having me. >> mike: and president obama saying that gridlock in congress is not helping with creating jobs. what about business policies, they came that's not helping hour. the story at the top of the hour. >> clayton: then we're going live to afghanistan meeting the singing soldiers burning up the interweb, you know why. >> mike: yeah. ♪ you had my heart and soul in your hand and you played to
6:48 am
the beat ♪ ♪ [ male announcer imagine all of your missed opportunities in one place. ♪ the front-row tickets you never bought. the lucrative investment you never made. the exotic vacation you never took. but there's one opportunity that's too good to miss. the lexus golden opportunity sales event, with exceptional values on the lexus rx. but only until september 6th. see your lexus dealer.
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6:52 am
>> welcome back. just about eight minutes before the hour. they're a u.s. air force band turned youtube tsensation. >> take a look at this. ♪ >> that video now has over 540,000 hits and joining us live from afghanistan are members, ten members of sidewinder, that's the group's name. part of the 571st air force band and 131st air national guard. and appreciate it, take a quick moment to introduce yourselves. >> hi captain john from
6:53 am
missouri. toby calloway from st. louis, missouri. >> tech sergeant john cavanaugh, st. louis, missouri. >> hi, from fairfax, virginia. >> staff sergeant devon larue from st. louis, missouri. >> staff sergeant navarro from columbia, missouri. >> captain joey from washington. >> i'm staff sergeant brian austin from st. louis, missouri. >> i'm tech sergeant kevin more ray. >> safe sergeant angie johnson. >> angie, i was going to start with you. thank you, we appreciate it. especially columbia, missouri, go tigers, i'm a missouri alumni. angie the video i saw was you singing adele.
6:54 am
the famous song rolling in the deep. let's listen ♪ rolling in the deep, come on, sergeant, i can't believe that you're in afghanistan right now. do you have any plans to join like, you know, american idol or go on tour or anything for yourself when you go back to the states? >> i don't have any plans because i don't really know what's going on. we're pretty far removed from all of the media hype and we don't have a lot of access to internet. so we're still just kind of like in the dark about some things. >> juliet: sergeant owens, tell me a little about why you decided to create this band and where do you perform? >> to come over here and play for the troops, you know, generally speaking we come over here and mission is troop morale and we're playing for our brothers and sisters in arms in harm's way and 0 your
6:55 am
partners and it's such a fulfilling thing to be able to do this and play for the real rock stars and heroes from our country and we all just got together through the air national guard band in missouri and having a blast playing for some of the best audiences on the planet. >> amazing, sergeant johnson tell us about the rest of the folks in your group there, i mean, i see somebody playing violin looks like the bongos going? >> yeah, we have, we have all the instruments for our acoustics set right now ap that's the set that we do when we go in the smaller shops, we played a hospital today and that's, that's the set that we do for that, but we have a lot of highly educated musicians here. some people with doctorates and master's degree and some people sing in the shower like me, but we all respect each other very much and we have a great dynamic on stage and off
6:56 am
stage. >> juliet: we're going to wrap this up quickly. thank you so much for serving our country and the folks in our studios say the same thing and green room and control room and everything, but starting johnson since you've got the mic would you mind singing a little from rolling in the deep one of my favorites? favorites? >> oh, sure, sure note there's a fire starting in my heart ♪ ♪ reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark ♪ ♪ finally, i can see you crystal clear ♪ >> thanks it going, keep it going, sister, keep it going, sister. we'll be right back. >> thank you, "fox & friends" continues in a couple of minutes, thanks, sergeant, thanks so much. we'll be right back. the "mystery spot".
6:57 am
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>> good morning, today is sunday, august 14th. i'm juliet huddy in for alisyn camerota, terror at the indiana state fair. watch this. that was a concert stage, storms send a stage crashing into the crowd and now the search for bodies. we're live on the fairgrounds. >> clayton: and michele bachmann takes iowa by storm, results from the straw poll are in and reshaping the entire republican race as we speak. a live report from ames moments away. >> mike: hey, all of you middle children out there, ever feel neglected? i was a middle child.
7:01 am
my parents hated me. [laughter] >> i understand why. >> and marsha, or how wonderful marsha did that, marsha, marsha, marsha! >> hold on have we got news for you this morning. fox news starts right now on a sunday morning. not neglected, but six kids growing up and i was fifth of sixth. >> juliet: you're not middle then. >> clayton: i was the first child. we'll talk later and i was the first child and my mom always say to me they love me more than my younger sister. to believe it. mike jarrett and juliet huddy, i'm the one who's normally
7:02 am
here. >> juliet: normal, that's what you're saying? michele bachmann i don't know if you've heard that name, probably in the last few days or so. and she won the straw poll by a slim margin. steve brown is in ames, iowa and following it all and got up early for us today and tell us how she pulled it off. >> reporter: the bus just pulled by. >> did she honk. >> reporter: obviously a lot of-- did she honk? no, thankfully. she showed the recognizance -- requisite respect for the reporter doing a live report. and she's only been in the race a couple of months and some of the groundwork here was done in advance of that in earnest, yes, an um can of months and impressive turnout. using a lot of folks that were former huckabee hands, by the way, and we know that those folks know the lay of the hand out here innee a--
7:03 am
in iowa. and when congresswoman bachmann went to the microphone, first thing she wanted to do thank other staff and iowa supporters. >> we were all over iowa and held five and six a day and worked hard because my goal was to meet as many iowans as i could, speak to them, listen to them and the elements together that brought about the results and again, i can't thank the people of iowa enough. i'm extremely grateful and we'll be in waterloo tomorrow. >> quickly, some other results of interest out of yesterday's straw poll. ron paul came within 153 votes, i believe, from first place, didn't spend as much time on the ground as michele bachmann, didn't spend as much money as michele bachmann and got a pretty good result. so, cost effectiveness got them close and interesting to see how his campaign responds and questions whether or not he's got a ceiling of support
7:04 am
here in iowa. we'll find out down the road and then tim pawlenty reportedly getting on a conference call today to try and reassess where it is, he's at with his campaign and came in third and some folks, maybe it was a disappointing third place because he'd been here so long and by acclimation had the largest and deepest iowa campaign staff here and certainly some questions for his campaign to answer, guys. >> live for us there this morning, steve working the overtime, sending e-mails fast and furious and watching and monitoring everything happening on the ground in iowa and hearing the sentiment out of the state fairgrounds there and all around ames, iowa about governor perry and governor huckabee was echoing the sentiments whether some of the steam was stolen from him announcing. >> juliet: the answer is probably yes, probably. and that's what we've been covering, and perry was immediately talked about after you mentioned michele bachmann
7:05 am
and the fact is that perry, he's a contender now and he was in south carolina yesterday, obviously, for the announcement and then he jetted up to new hampshire and a private little soiree last night and people there. he took questions actually from the guests at this event, but didn't talk to reporters. >> clayton: yeah. >> juliet: but folks there were watching this and some people said we've made up our minds and go for perry and others say the texas swagger. perry reports of him talking yesterday and of course like the other folks he's going after obama. >> the fact is for nearly three years, president obama has been downgrading american jobs, he's been downgrading our in the world and downgrading our financial stability, downgrading our confidence and downgrading the hope for a better future for our children. that's a fact. and i know something, america is not broken. washington d.c. is broken.
7:06 am
>> and he pulled off a max head room move there. >> mike: i saw that. he's a good talker and great on the campaign trail. see how long the campaign lasts, but how do you fix the economy? it's going to be more government, or less government. and this is his approach. >> thank you very much, it's great to be at red state-- we're dismayed, dismayed at the injustice of nearly half of all americans don't even pay any income tax. and you know, and the liberals out there are saying, that we need to pay more. we are indignant about leaders who do not lessen. and spend money faster than they can print it. in america, the people are not subjects of the government, the government is subject to the people. [applaus [applause] >> very good line, very good line. >> mike: and he goes to iowa
7:07 am
and the president is going to be with us, well, in iowa as a matter of fact. >> clayton: president obama before he headed off to iowa wanted to talk to voters again and what he said was interesting. because he's targeting-- i think he may be looking at congressional approval rating right now at 14%. >> mike: wow. >> clayton: you know what, that's an easy target and had this to say. >> you've got a right to be frustrated, i know i am. because you deserve better and i don't think it's too much for you to expect that the people you send to this town start delivering for you. members of congress are at home in their districts right now. if you agree with me, whether you're a democrat or republican or not much of a fan either, let them know. >> mike: the phrase is who owns the economy, clayton. is it congress or the president. >> clayton: if you're listening to the republicans, the obama downgrade. and the democrats are blaming the tea party in all of this and president obama you heard in the radio address, basically lambasting republicans for being home in their districts and yet he's
7:08 am
going to iowa and headed to martha's vineyard. >> juliet: he's got the champagne tour some people call it. talking with the american people in cannon falls, minnesota tomorrow. in iowa as well and taking questions from the public and tuesday and wednesday hosting economic forums in iowa and also some town halls in illinois and as he said off to martha's vineyard which makes a lot of folks unhappy. the fact is look, what is that camp david thing we've got over there? >> have you ever been to camp david, this time of year. >> juliet: we pay for camp david. it has a polling alley, movie theater and swimming pool. >> why do you need to go somewhere else? we're paying for it. >> clayton: scary moments in indiana and it's striking there, and indiana state fair last night a stage collapsed killing four, leaving several other fighting for their lives this morning. a fair goer captured the whole they think on his camera.
7:09 am
watch this. (scream (screams) >> and hear the, you know, in the video the panic in is vos of the people there. and strong winds causing all of that metal rigging and lighting equipment to crash down on the grounds. >> the bands go in there and throw up a sound stage pretty quickly. >> the band was sugar land by the way and vanessa mcclure is at the indiana state fairgrounds and more on the developing story. we saw you lost hour, any more news. >> reporter: good morning, guys, no, the state fairgrounds still closed this morning, kind of an eerie thing out here, really quiet, but what you're looking at behind me, that's what's left of the stage that crashed down. roll you through the time line of what we're dealing with in indianapolis, we had severe storms starting to move in 8:40 last night. sugar land getting ready to take the stage, they were not on stage yet and witnesses describe its as one of the most terrifying things they've
7:10 am
seen. state officials, as well. it was massive wind gusts came out of nowhere with no time really for anyone to react and the stage swayed back and forth and came crashing down and trapping people beneath it. there were about 12,000 fans here this morning. four of them are confirmed dead. roughly 40 injured. state officials telling us they expect the numbers to go up this morning, and we spoke with witnesses who were here when it happened. >> and it took about five seconds and it was down. it was down and people just freaked. >> it's one of those things that you see it as it happens and you just ask, did it really happen. >> very emotional, all the people who were out here, tweeting about this, facebooking, just talking about the sense of chaos and panic, really, the loss of control there and moving forward this morning, we are expecting another press conference to get jumped way between the hours and nine and
7:11 am
noon where we should have an update on those injuries and the victims, as well as be able to talk a little about who made this stage, what was sort of the protocol that was going on, as the stage was assembled. should that many people have been out here with the severe storms rolling in. and we'll try to get you the answers later on this morning. for now, back to you. >> clayton: inks that, vanessa, i had a relative who was at the fairgrounds and said terrifying. >> juliet: did she see what happened. >> clayton: yeah, we'll try to get them on the phone later. >> juliet: the headlines now. police arrested a man in connection with the missing missouri girl. shaun morgan his name, charged with first degree murder of brianne rodriguez. they believe he suffocated the three-year-old. so far her body was not found. last seen august 6th riding her bike outside her house. new video from london. riotest clash with local
7:12 am
place, political bands are breaking between the government and opposition. liberal democrats are calling on prime minister david cameron to stop, quote, knee jerk reaction to the intense rioting and looting and evict family members of accused rioters from their homes and take a look at this, an elaborate tunnel discovered underneath a home in tijuana, mexico. mexican police say the unfinished 1,000 foot tunnel would have been used to smuggle drugs and the u.s.-- the home, excuse me, was made to look like it was under construction. the funnel is 6 feet tall, includes lighting and ventilation system and ten people detained and those are your headlines. >> mike: that's a good looking tunnel, shawshank redemption e probably took ten years to build that and they swoop in and that's it. they're done. >> like a cellar, corona light. >> i thought had a wine
7:13 am
cellar. >> and drink corona. and waking up this morning phoenix 92, warm across the south, but not as bad. we have the threat for more severe weather today kind of like what we saw in indiana yesterday and anywhere you see the yellow, threat of severe weather and georgia up to washington d.c. and baltimore and southern parts of new jersey and leakly seeing some wind damage and maybe a little bit of hail and can't rule out the tornado or two. it won't be a big tornado, but something small possibly, also, a lot of very heavy rain falling the next two days and we're kind of stuck in a pattern and the rain is going to be with us, anywhere you see the red, we're talking four inches, that means some flooding concerns, all right, back to you guys. >> thank you so much, rick, as we get organized for the rest of the show this morning, the new world trade center can be hard work, so hard in fact. ground zero workers are hitting the hard stuff for lunch. >> some of them. >> some of them. >> she's only been in the race for a day, but the next guest says get ready for rick perry
7:14 am
to quote, cream his republican opponent, what's the secret weapon, can he win the hearts and minds of voters? [ male announcer ] heard this one? listen to this. three out of four americans don't get enough vegetables. so here's five bucks to help you buy v8 juice. five bucks. that's a lot of green. go to for coupons. you can count on us.
7:15 am
7:16 am
>> welcome back, 16 minutes after the hour. rick perry taking a part of the poll, and throwing his hat into the 2012 presidential race, take a listen. >> it is time to get america working again and that's why with the support of my family and unwavering belief in the goodness of america, i declare to you today, as a candidate for president of the united states. >> clayton: how will he shake things up? our next guest says that perry's past political victories prove he's a serious contender. joining us now with more alittle ration, is a former speech writer for former
7:17 am
president george w. bush. >> thanks for having me on. >> clayton: one thinking, you formerly worked for former president george w. bush and he was on stage, perry was and seemed like a swipe from your former boss from the spending habits. what did you think when you saw that? >> i didn't notice that. i thought he was pointing out barack obama's spending habits with good measure. i think this is going to be a campaign about spending and jobs and perry is going to make that case with texas. >> juliet: the criticism. not going to iowa, not making announcements, sort of doing it on the day of the iowa straw poll. >> a brilliant strategy, stole the thunder from michele bachmann with his announcement today and look, i think, i think perry is going to shake up this race in ways that people are not expecting. the obama campaign started saying they're gearing up to destroy mitt romney in the general election, they may not get the chance because rick
7:18 am
perry may do it for them. if you want to see the shelling that's-- romney skated by unscathed so far from the-- from his conservative and republican opponents. if you want to get a sense of the shelling coming his way look at what rick perry did to kay bailey hutchinson in the 2010 g.o.p. primary in the governor's race a few years ago. i mean, she started out with a 25 point lead and everyone thought she was going to get the nomination and perry started, tarred here as the cale bailout hutchinson for the wall street bailout and ear mark queen and tore her down. mitt romney has something coming his way e and donor, the amount of money he's likely to get and grab. we've been hearing. washington insiders worried about his campaigning skills, saying he's not a proven campaigner and the front page of the new york times look, this guy can raise a lot of money, where do you sit on
7:19 am
this? >> i think he can raise money. he's undefeated in something like six state-wide races in texas and the job against kay bailey hutchinson and pushing her and the republican establishment back. and this is a campaign-- >> what about the donors, there was a lot of question about the bush donors, folks who donated a lot to george w. bush waiting to see what they were going to do. not necessarily, are they on the perry band wagon now? >> i don't know if they are, buts' got a built in support base and people are going to have to choose. thises coming down, right now, it looks like to a race between bachmann, romney, and perry. so if people are unhappy with bachmann or romney, which it seems like a lot of people are, they're going to look at perry seriously. >> juliet: mark, so many questions for you. >> call. >> juliet: thanks for joining us. >> anytime. >> thanks, mark. >> juliet: you took all of my questions. >> clayton: sorry. >> juliet: i'm kidding. >> clayton: i do that. >> juliet: that's all right i'll do it the next time. lowering taxes for american
7:20 am
businesses, could create jobs, but the president won't go there. is he holding back just to keep his liberal base happy? the debate is next. >> how wonderful marsha did this, or did that. marsha, marsha, marsha. >> clayton: hold it there, jan. news for middle children, why our older siblings should be jealous. >> juliet: please. [ p.a. announcer ] announcing america's favorite cereal is now honey nut cheerios! yup, america's favorite. so we're celebrating the honey sweetness, crunchy oats and... hey! don't forget me!! honey nut cheerios. make it your favorite too! have i got a surprise for you! yeah, it's new [ barks beneful healthy fiesta. gotta love the protein for muscles-- whoo-hoo! and omega-rich nutrition for that shiny coat. ever think healthy could taste so good? [ woman announcing ] new beneful healthy fiesta.
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7:23 am
>> welcome back everybody. president barack obama is about to head off on his midwest bus tour, five or six states. on the agenda, job creation, during his weekly address yesterday. the president blamed washington d.c. and gridlock for our struggling economy. >> so, while there's nothing wrong with our country. there is something wrong with our politics and that's what we've got to fix. over the coming weeks, i'll
7:24 am
put forward more proposals to help our hiring businesses create jobs and won't stop until every american who wants a jobs can find one. >> mike: joining us for a fair and balanced debate is former san diego mayor, roger, thanks for being with us and pollster, bernard whitman. roger, start with you, what's killing jobs? >> what's killing jobs, obama's policies and not the politics of washington. he sounded like the movie dave, where the president stood up and i want a job for every american. the fact that his tax and regulation policies are destroying jobs, and taxation, his fairness, punishing job creators and double taxation of foreign sales, punishing corporations just at the time when they should be creating jobs. policies of this administration are at the heart of this problem. >> mike: bernard, what's killing jobs. >> i couldn't disagree more. cutting taxes on the rich is
7:25 am
not a job creation policy. the republican party is held hostage by the tea party. we saw that with the debt ceiling debate. i've got four job creation proposals three of which are very conservative that the president has espoused that we ought to get congress to pass. number one, free trade agreements with south korea, colombia, panama and get thats paed 10 to 12 billion in exports. number two, payroll tax holiday and extend to employers and employees, give tax credits also for hiring vets, number two. the third is, we ought to invest, pass that bill that the president put forward to pass 500 billion dollars in loans to create construction jobs, unemployment in the construction sector. >> mike: what's four. >> nearly 50%. and the fourth, job creation proposal, is that we ought to, we ought to be able to get
7:26 am
that payroll for tax holiday. >> he's had over two and a half years to do it, why hasn't he done it? >> because the republican, it's em possible to pass out of this republican congress. congress made it clear the number one priority they have is to make sure that this president does not get a second term in office. >> mike: gridlock again, roger. >> come on, bernard. that's nonsense. the three free trade agreements have been blocked in democrats in congress who want job training programs over the programs we have and an infrastructure, building bridges or digging ditches, that's not going to create jobs or wealth and get off the backs of american economy. restore the free economy, restore the ability of american corporations to create the most productive corporations in the history of the world. to create jobs, and stop the environmental protection agency and everybody else from destroying those jobs. >> using the pawlenty lines, get off our backs. i heard you say that the
7:27 am
president might deliberately be killing jobs, why would anybody want to do that, especially a politician. >> i don't know why, i'm not a psychologist. the fact is that those regulations and tax policies i've been talking about are killing jobs in this country. 9.1% unemployment. if we measured that the way they did in the great depression, it would be 16%, that's deliberate. the president's going to have to answer for it and that's what the election it about. >> mike, one last job proposal about cutting regulations and i don't understand why the republicans and congress cannot support and that's streamlining the patent approval process that would unleash entrepreneurship, create business, create jobs among small business people and let's cut that regulation and streamline the profits to get patents approved and i think that's a proposal the democrats and republicans can both support and this congress refuses to act on it. >> mike: nice job, so to speak. sorry we have such little time. they spent their days rebuilding the manhattan skyline and then lunch, hard
7:28 am
stuff for lunch. that's coming up. how philly's mayor is forced to fight back. get a watch, pull up your pants. more in a second. plus he's been on top of the cell phone tower for three days. what does he want? why is he creating static? ♪ ♪ [ country ] [ man ] ♪ gone, like my last paycheck ♪ gone, gone away ♪ gone, like my landlord's smile ♪ ♪ gone, gone away ♪ my baby's gone away with dedicated claims specialists... and around-the-clock service, travelers can help make things better quicker. will your auto and home insurer... be there when you need them most? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage... or visit
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7:31 am
>> we've got juliet back and a couple of philly guys here. >> clayton: that's right. >> mike: phillies won last night. 11-3 last night. >> mike: welcome. >> clayton: leading the national league of course and talking about philadelphia last night. the good things are happening in philadelphia and everyone talking about the eagles right now, there's violence on the streets of philadelphia and for the second night in a row, that curfew has been imposed down there, why? >> here is what's going on a couple of nears, flash mobs. >> juliet: flash mobs typically when they started social networking sites, twitter, texting, hey, everybody, let's meet and socialize. >> clayton: dancing. >> juliet: and dance and then protests and violence. >> mike: and there's the commercial, grand central station, you missed--
7:32 am
>> that's a flash mob. >> mike: she is we don't call them in flash mobs, we call them violent mobs. >> juliet: they are. >> mike: 30, 40 kids come to the main part of the city, this was in philadelphia and rip a guy out of the car and beats the heck out of him so the mayor and police commissioner are flipping out. and another black eye for philly and it's a wonderful city where the university of pennsylvania is. if you're out on the street after nine o'clock, get off the street. >> clayton: people aren't listening and the mayor michael nutter says we're not kidding around here, listen. >> we are as serious as a heart attack. if your child is out. tall, short, nice, not so nice, the curfew is the curfew, is the curfew, buy a watch. >> juliet: probably a lot of parents called in wait a second, my kid-- buy a watch. too bad. this type of thing should not
7:33 am
be happening. center city as you said and university area, they're very nice parts of town and trendy, shopping, there's the restaurants and so-called-- >> and they want that infusion every friday and saturday night. >> juliet: you don't want to not go there. >> mike: the monday to come into the area. >> clayton: on monday, 32 shots, three people killed over the weekend. >> juliet: couple of cities it's happening, chicago one of them. >> mike: milwaukee over the weekend. >> clayton: guys, new information about that u.s. citizen who was abducted in pakistan, guys. >> mike: yeah. peter doocy has the story in d.c. >> reporter: mike at three or four in the morning before the sun came up in lahore, six to eight guards said they wanted to share a meal with them. common place during ramadan, overwelcomed weinstein and nobody has taken responsibility for his
7:34 am
kidnapping. men including his driver have opinion retained for questions. we don't know much about the guards, but the story is that the assailants used the driver to get to weinstein, knowing that he trusted this man and they apparently made the driver knock on weinstein's door. when he answered, that's when he was abducted and we know that weinstein is in his 60's, linkedin page says he's lived in lahore for seven years and pakistani police say he's planning to leave in a week or so and working for a consulting ferm based in the d.c. area out of arlington, virginia. he was apparently in the business of helping train workers and improve exports for pakistan's leather trade according to news reports out of pakistan and in this part of the country, lahore, has been a hot bed of insurgent activity and operate along the borders with afghanistan and this morning we don't know who is behind it or why exactly they've singled out this american contractor, guys, so frightening.
7:35 am
thank you, peter from d.c. >> thanks, peter. >> all righty. some of the other headlines making news today. the troubled news revealed about the suspects held in the connection with the death of robin gardner. the missing woman in aruba. his former wife describes him as not being able to control his anger. sandals and pink shirt found during the search of an abandoned mine do not belong to her. she was last seen snorkeling august 2nd and claimed the 35-year-old never made it out of the water. are work crews at ground zero boozing on the job? the new york post reporting construction workers have taken their lunch hour to the local pub. substituting food for shots and suds, not kidding. they later return to ground zero where they help build the new freedom tower and all the buildings surrounding the freedom tower and the port authority which runs the area says they have zero tolerance for on the job boozers. >> talk about tower over
7:36 am
everyone, this guy, dangling from a radio tower in tulsa, oklahoma since thursday morning. police don't know why he climbed the tower. he hasn't said if he's suicidal. he's supposedly an avid rock climber though and has taken time out to sleep on this thing. >> doing it. his only demands, a hamburger and a cigarette and police say you will get those things when you get down. and bernie madoff's wife, ruth, 52 years, she hasn't visited him since their son committed suicide. she's reportedly stood by him, but is spending more time with their son. >> she's not joining him on vacation. and rick is monitoring the vacation areas right now. hot or storms coming your way. >> those are the only two options. >> how high up is the tower
7:37 am
that the guy is in. >> i don't know, a cell towerments 110 feet or-- >> or 300 feet. >> certainly a cell tower, right, you know how tall they go. >> somebody from tulsa needs to tweet us. >> at juliet huddy. she'll let us know. >> your temperatures as you're making up. green on the map and nice, not as hot as it's been. even toward texas, almost all of the heat advisories are gone except the coastal areas and a lot of rain to be had across the eastern part of the country and there's going to be storms, going to be flight delays if you have travel plans in or out anywhere from atlanta up towards detroit and the big cities dealing with a lot of rain. d.c. through philadelphia. dealing with flood warnings going on right now and careful on the roads and through the city of new york, up towards hartford and eventually boston as well and the four corners, pretty big showers, some potentially causing mudslide concerns right where the wallow fire was a couple of months ago, if you remember that. the highs today, warm across the south and that's not going to change over the next couple
7:38 am
of weeks unfortunately. here you go, two tropical things we're watching, one is tropical storm franklin, that will bring a depression later on today, but the next one that's going to become a tropical storm, this will become gert later today and it's going to cut close to bermuda. any kind of plans in or out of bermuda the next day or two are rough and another storm behind that, guys, added into the very active season. >> gert. >> juliet: gert. wasn't the name of the little girl onnet. >> gurdy. she might have been the middle child. >> juliet: a young child. the little dude, what was his name? >> the reason we have middle children on the morning show, the reason it's on our mind this morning, a study, a new book out about middle children and this idea that middle children always get a bad rap. remember this? >> every time marsha turns around they hand her a blue ribbon or something. >> oh, now, jan, you know that isn't so. marsha's worked very hard for those things. >> well, all i hear all day
7:39 am
long at school, how great marsha is is this, or how wonderful marsha did that, marsha, marsha, marsha. >> mike: jan, something i've known all along, see, the thing is, you're first-- are you first child. you're a first child. >> clayton: yeah. >> mike: i should have known. i'm the fifth of sixth and yes we would get ignored. parents have the first kids and that's all they-- >> fifth of sixth of course you're going to get ignored. >> mike: they didn't know i was around. >> clayton: by then they stopped caring. >> mike: and the new study i've known all along, we have to try harder to become successful. >> juliet: yet, you have success. >> mike: middle children, the basically the runts of the family have to try harder. go through a list of successful middle children, what do you think about that. john kennedy, abraham lincoln, dalai lama, nelson mandella, warren buffet, donald trump, madonna. >> never heard of any of them. >> the book called the secret power of middle children, heard they had to clamor for
7:40 am
attention, or the last born always fighting for attention of the parent. >> mike: yes, and food. >> clayton: and food. and do we have any scraps left? let's give it to mike. >> juliet: that's why he's skinny and frail and unhealthy. >> mike: you know, 52% of presidents are middle children and half of our presidents middle children. >> clayton: that's unbelievable. >> mike: it is. we're highly successful. have to! er for attention and work harder for attention. >> juliet: every place setting finds every reason to whine and crow. >> clayton: i was a first child, you were a first child. do you think we had it easier. >> juliet: look it, we are of perfect, perfect specimens. >> mike: you had every perk and i had to struggle. >> juliet: no, my brother didn't have to struggle. >> clayton: back that truck up, because here is what happened on my family and i'd get the curfew, first out of the box, right? they opened me up out of the box, we don't know what to do with this thing. >> juliet: you hatched. >> clayton: i was 12 years old or 13 years old curfew like 6
7:41 am
p.m. by the time my sister came around, oh, 2 a.m. >> juliet: the other way i was a good kid, good girl and in high school i had a late curfew my parents, but i never stayed out late. i was a nerd and i got home early so i set it up for my brother and teed it up for my brother who screwed it up. he just screwed it up. >> mike: is he still in prison, john. >> juliet: no, he's a reporter for fox 5. >> mike: interesting. >> clayton: and she used to want to match matlock. >> mike: i've seen pictures of her as a teenager and she had a mullet. total nerd. >> friends@fox, and support me. >> juliet: there we go. >> and expert scott rasmussen in the green room. where does he see them on national level. >> clayton:'s been working overtime with the polls
7:42 am
lately. >> juliet: a river rescue and now it's the rescue crews screaming for help. we'll show you the video. ♪ [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at
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and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> all right. welcome back to "fox & friends." the quick headlines for you, it's raining metal? check out the scene in atlanta after railings from a bridge came crumbling down on a busy highway. thankfully no one was injured there and the bridge will remain closed indefinitely and talk about troubled waters. you're looking at a boat full of teenagers trapped in a raging whirlpool in china and things are dicey when rescue workers arrived and both boats capsized. all fourteen and rescue workers were towed to safety. >> don't go boating. >> clayton: no. >> mike: i'm scared.
7:45 am
>> juliet: she has been crowned the winner of the iowa straw poll. >> i know looking across this arena here in ames, we are the team that can't be beat. >> what does all of this mean for the 2012 presidential elections? joining us right now, scott rasmussen and he has a poll called the rasmussen poll and i look at the rasmussen every day. >> good to see you, mike. >> mike: let's get-- >> hi, juliet. really good to see you. >> juliet: thanks. >> mike: and try harder. but, scott, no matter who wins the republican nomination here, let's see what kind of an opponent they're up against. let's talk about the president's approval ratings at this point, especially among his base. >> well, look, the president does well among democrats overall and doing extraordinarily well among liberal democrats and we talked about the fact that some liberals are expressing disappointment, but they have 85% approval rating among--
7:46 am
>> 85%. but only 60% of conservative democrat. these are the white working class democrats who voted for hillary clinton in the primaries four years ago and they voted for barack obama in 2008 and republicans in 2008. >> the differentials between let's say barack obama and rick perry will probably be unbelievable when it comes to the polls and let's look at the anal group kind of breakdowns here and tell us about approval from the polling? >> this is one of the big stories, younger adults were enthralled with barack obama four years ago. aen big part of his movement, and in fact, john mccain won the election on 40-plus crowd and hammered those under 30. and right now that enthusiasm is far gone among younger adults. only 19% strongly approve. >> mike: what do you think, promising change and different and kind of politics as usual? >> yeah, kind of politics as usual and let's face it, if you're a 20-something, you're not really engaged in
7:47 am
politics. barack obama did something unusual to get them engaged. >> mike: sure, shored them up. >> now, it's like okay, been there, done that, not-- >> lost interest. >> juliet: so the iowa straw polls and we were talking about this yesterday, about how it's some want to call it a dog and pony show, and it's important as far as organizational and michele bachmann comes out on top and pawlenty, how is all of this going to figure into the 2012? >> first of all, it's a great fund raising tool for the iowa republican party and that level was good success, in terms of the candidates, not much has changed. three most likely candidates today are mitt romney, michele bachmann and rick perry, same as it was before. >> juliet: who just announced yesterday. >> right, but just announced yesterday, but saying he's going to announce or might announce for some time. and the three of them are tops in the polls and everywhere we look, a long way to go, none of them are a favorite. every one of those three candidates has less than 50-50 chance. >> mike: is that right? independents are going to be
7:48 am
the key then? >> when you get to the general election, certainly, and the real key is what's happening with the economy. this is a referendum on barack obama at this point. as long as the republican candidate doesn't become a distraction, it will still be and mike, listen, i could put your name in against barack obama one thing i know the president would get between 41 and 49%. >> mike: no matter who you put in? >> that's right, no matter who i put in. between 41 and 49 because people, he's got a base. >> juliet: and-- >> and by the way, mr. fancy pants, scott rasmussen, now a radio show? >> that's right. and i'll be doing radio on wls in chicago. >> juliet: chicago. >> and in washington and three o'clock eastern time today and we'll be talking calls on this straw poll. >> juliet: you thank me for that. >> i thank you for that, you interviewed me on the show nine years ago, i was one of your first interviews. >> juliet: and look what happened. >> you can't get rid of me. >> juliet: please.
7:49 am
thanks, scott. >> mike: thanks. >> thank you. >> mike: horror at the state fair, have you heard about this? a concert stage is collapsing down on a crowd and we'll go live to the indiana state fair at the top of the next hour. >> juliet: cannot believe that video. police are shutting down cell phone towers to shut down angry protests. it worked, but isn't that what we ripped egypt for doing? we're going to break that down. it needs? here's what you can the expect from regions. a bank that provides you with real business expertise. check. a professional optimization of your cash flow with a regions cashcor analysis. check. cash management solutions and the smart lending options you need to grow your business. check. plus, it all comes with award-winning service to help you achieve more balance. interested? let's talk. looking good. (bike bell) you have arrived. sweet belt. e-reader for textbooks. gps.
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7:52 am
. >> clayton:. welcome back. in san francisco, deadly shooting of a transit officer. is it going too far? joining us for a fair and balanced debate is the public notice gretchen hamel and from
7:53 am
nuttily, new jersey, police department. nice to have you. >> hi. >> you'll agree with the a.c.l.u. which is interesting that we needed to shut-- they don't want the cell phone towers in this area shut down because it stops the free flow of information gretchen. >> one thing we don't know about the instance, for example, did they have intelligence that there was going to be violence, but from an outsider's perspective. what we've seen in the press is that the bay area rapid transit authority it wouldn't prepared to take on the protest so they tried to stop it. first of all, public safety is the first concern for everybody. that's something we should be focused on. do they have the right to do that because the crimes hadn't been committed yet. didn't know if it was going to be a violent protest and like taking the keys away from everyone in a bar before anyone took a first drink. you are punishing all for the actions that a few may take.
7:54 am
>> basically, it sounds like gretchen is making the minority report argument here, which is you might, you might commit a crime in the future so we're going to stop it before it happens, but detective, to me, it sounds like you're opening a pandora's box when you stop the free flow of information in the united states of america, what point does it stop. >>s listen, this is our job in law enforcement and government to protect citizens who may be harmed during some of the demonstrations and no one is looking to violate anyone's civil rights, but i have to tell you we've got to start thinking in terms of protecting rights of law abiding citizens and the protests around the country and around the world, in london, in philadelphia, are a signal to law enforcement that we have to take proactive action in order to prevent people from being harmed. look, this is not a civil rights violation, it's an inconvenience. so what? as long as we are in the business of protecting people, we have to use 21st century technology against criminals who are using 21st century technology, also. >> gretchen, here is a
7:55 am
statement from the bart department police chief boils down to the safety of the police chief. it wasn't a decision taken lightly, it's about safety. it wasn't about free speech, what do you say? >> well, i mean, did they know that the protest was going to be violent? we have that right. i mean, our founding fathers gave us that right and that's why people move to america and so they have this right to assembly and speak out and have a peaceful protest. this is a, you know, if this proves to be a peaceful protest that they were planning to have, this is a violation of our rights. >> you know, the police, i'm sure, have enough intelligence information and resources to understand that maybe this was going to turn violent and the fact of the matter is that, you know, we need to take action necessary to protect the public. again, in view of the atmosphere, in view of the environment that we live in today. and to suggest that the police shouldn't be doing this is wrong. and you're not suggesting someone should be assaulted and criminal acts taking place
7:56 am
upon them before the mr. is -- police take action. that's wrong. >> i never said that, bad pr move. it's a bad pr move to not come out and say they had intelligence and violent attack. >> and complain is that you were assaulted did youring-- during one of the assaults, where are the police. we cannot wait for them to be assaulted and crimes committed. >> this is america, we have a right to speak, a right to protest and we should be able to do that in a peaceful manner and they did not have a right you just said to take this in stride. >> how about this, taking a permit out according to law and let the police know where you're protesting and how many people are showing up. you have a right to protest, i don't think anyone in this country should be denied that right, but people who-- did they take out a permit. >> gretchen final word. >> you know, i think this is something where you know we saw it happen in egypt and we thought this couldn't happen in the u.s. and start to go happen in the u.s. aen places
7:57 am
like san francisco of all places. so, i think we should be concerned as a public. i mean, we all want to be safe and take the necessary steps to be safe, but this kind of went too far too quickly, before anything happened. >> clayton: all right, guys, great debate. gretchen and detective, we appreciate it, see why this has gotten so many e-mails the past few days, thank you very much. >> let me know how you feel about the story, find me at twitter, clayton morris and great discussions over google plus, go there, find me, i had a he love to hear from you, coming up on the show, how do the results from the iowa straw poll reshape the race for president. chris wallace from fox news sunday. a great guest on his show, he will be here to explain. fourth place, fine by him. rick santorum, why he's a serious contender and called himself the "little engine that could". [ oswald ] there's a lot of discussion going on about the development of natural gas,
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> good morning, it's sunday august 14th, i'm juliet huddy th alisyn camerota. search for body after concert stage comes crashing down. look at that video. a live report from the indiana state fair moments away. >> mike: also. michele bachmann just won the iowa straw poll by this much, but can she win the rest of america's support. what's next for the congresswoman. what about rick santorum, he came in fourth and he's still in this thing. >> clayton: "little engine that could" he calls himself and thomas the tank engine. how does a terrorist escape from jail and climbed out of the window. the old bed sheet escape. >> mike: classic. >> clayton: that worked somehow, tried and true. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ >> i should say i'm in for
8:01 am
dave briggs who is on vacation, well deserved. >> clayton: she's standing in for alisyn. >> juliet: i wanted to say i'm in for alisyn. >> clayton: i'm in for clayton morris, that punk! the newly crowned queen of the g.o.p. candidates michele bachmann out in the straw poll there. >> mike: what's she up to now? i heard she's on a bus. >> juliet: and steve brown, he knows all. >> clayton: i don't think he went to bed. >> juliet: had an hour. how did bachmann pull this-- >> and to bed about one o'clock. >> actually she put together a large team fairly quickly and to answer your question she's now wrapping up fox news sunday about 70 yards from where i'm standing right now, but she did put together a pretty good sized organization pretty quickly and results as you mentioned, take a look at them now, she's at the top of the scoreboard for the straw
8:02 am
poll and collecting well over 4,000 straw poll votes out of better than 16,000 cast. and she is the winner. as she was out and about yesterday after the announcement of the results, what she wanted to do primarily was thank her iowa supporters, take a listen. >> that we just passed an important hurdle. it's the first one. there's a long way to go. there's the caucuses and we aimed to have a 50 state strategy. so this is the first of many, many that we have to go, but this is a wonderful, wonderful result today and i just couldn't be more grateful to the people of iowa. >> if there is a secondary story immediately near the top of that leader board, if you will, it's that how is tim pawlenty taking the news at coming in third and does it change his assessment where the campaign has been going and reportedly holding, excuse me, a conference call this morning, with staff and supporters, guys? >> yeah, and that you can always reassess things during
8:03 am
a conference call, that's always how things happen. and that's steve brown about 70 yards away from michele bachmann. >> on with chris wallace and we'll talk with him about what he asked her. also, i can hear the ron paul supporters screaming at their television. >> juliet: why? >> he's close or he would be the headline. >> juliet: not screaming at us, don't shoot the messenger. >> clayton: it's funny, you're right about that, the headlines we were talking about, about michele bachmann, what does it mean for tim pawlenty, and almost pinning this is ron paul. >> mike: had he won that would have been the headline, ron paul wins the straw poll. >> juliet: and rick santorum, great placement. >> mike: he wanted top five. >> juliet: he's fourth and he's with us now. let's bring in g.o.p. presidential candidate and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. fourth in the straw poll. >> clayton: the "little engine that could." >> juliet: thomas the tank, that's we go for.
8:04 am
senator how do you feel? >> we feel great and i know the top story and the second story, but we feel like for someone, for the money we've spent for the votes we got, per dollar spent, we beat everybody and we feel very good about that. we came here three weeks ago, everybody had written us off, saying, we're going to be a blip and we went around and people related to our message, i can tell you from the debate the other night, taking on down paul on national security and taking on michelle ba bachmann and 10th amendment and the guy who's gotten things down not the folks on the extreme. a solid conservative. who can get things done and a track record and people liking that and listening to it and people in bachmann t-shirts and paw tenially t-shirts, don't get out of the race, we like you and haven't heard anything from you, first we heard of you the other night and we want to hear more.
8:05 am
so, take the straw poll as a little bit of a thermometer, but there's a long way between now and the caucus and we're definitely going to campaign here with the grass roots momentum. >> clayton: senator, i'med glad you brought up there is a long time between the caucuses. we ran down a history of what happened, who won. phil graham and other individuals who won the straw poll and never materialized for the presidency. are you encouraged, first of all, talking about buying votes there, right. that's what the ames straw poll is, truck the people in there nonrepresentative of the state at large. are you confident though going into the caucuses that things might be different for you. >> yeah, we feel very good. i look at folks ahead of me in the straw poll and i mean, obviously, tim pawlenty had a bad day for the millions he invested here and his campaign is on the defense and ours is on the offense and ron paul, i think every vote in iowa was here, the kind of passionate supporters he has, but a limited base, so we sort of
8:06 am
feel like we're sort of a second here, almost. and we feel like we've, again, given the resource question that we had and the, frankly, being ignored by the national media, they didn't mention what place i was in. and we've had to fight and that's why we call ourselves, the "little engine that could" and rick perry the shiny engine and we hitched up the train and keep going. >> mike: let's talk about that shinery engine, rick perry in south carolina, and you're right, senator. look at the headlines he is getting this morning. >> yeah. >> mike: he wasn't even in iowa. >> yeah, i mean, it's the same old story. you know, the press is always trying to cover something that's flashy and new and you know, look, he's the governor of texas and has to be paid attention to, but if you want to look at what's going on on the ground and states that matter. i think the story here was the fact that we came here with
8:07 am
nothing, and no money and we went out and did 50 cities, we talk to people. people came up to us, all day yesterday. and talking about the debate, the debate performance and how we stood out and the speech that i gave here yesterday, and all i hear is, we want to hear more from you, we like what we hear, and stick around here, you've got a real future in iowa and i really believe not just iowa, but new hampshire, south carolina and beyond that. >> i heard something yesterday, referring to you as kind of doing the rodney dangerfield. you're not getting any respect. the little engine, you're not shiny, but let me ask you this, you've mentioned the debate a couple of times, looking back at the debate, would you have done anything different? >> well, you know, if it was about 50 minutes into the debate and i had one question asked to me and i sort of raised my hands and said, hey, guys, there's somebody else in this debate and i've got a lot of comments on that. a lot of people came up to me and said they were upset with fox, to be honest with you, sort of ignoring me in the first half of the debate and a
8:08 am
lot of questions at the end. they tried to huckabee me, and tried to do to me like mike huckabee and ask me the social conservative questions because i'm outspoken on them, as i am on economics and i'm a passionate guy and very, very strongly. >> clayton: and des moines register thought you came out on top, one of the top people at the debate. despite the tref veils during the debate-- >> he had to fight his way for attention. are you a middle child, senator. >> as a matter of fact, i am, how did you know that. >> juliet: we're talking about that today. >> clayton: on the show, middle children seem to do well. >> mike: i rest my case. >> clayton: senator, great to see you, good luck out there in iowa and see you back here real soon, i'm sure. >> juliet: thanks, senator. >> appreciate the time. >> juliet: here are headlines and chris wallace is going to be coming up in a few so we can talk to him about all of these things, too, take a look at new video out of afghanistan. homicide bombers storming a governor's compound, 19 people dead. the attack happened in the province about an hour outside of kabul. six homicide bombers in all,
8:09 am
five of them died in the attacks and the target appeared to be local. top security officials and top government workers and 14 of those people were killed and the taliban has taken responsibility. a manhunt underway in lebanon after an unusual prison break. take a look at this, five inmates reportedly used the old bed sheet escape to propel out of the windows of the cell down the walls and you can see the bed sheets ranging in the photos and the authorities are searching for the fugitives. most are linked to al-qaeda, militant group. he is thankfully alive and we talked about it yesterday. the missing boy scout returned after home after a frigid night in utah wilderness. eventually the little guy built a shelter out of branches, like a newby, he wasn't an eagle scout or anything, covered himself in dirt and stayed warm. >> and... that's what scared
8:10 am
me when i first saw them. >> i'm happier than i think i've ever been because i was probably as scared as i've ever been. >> juliet: we were talking about that yesterday. >> mom, boy scout tips to work that's great. >> they found him four or five miles have-- he looks like you. >> mike: that's what i was looking like when i was growing up. >> clayton: mike. rick? >> a nice day for people across especially the western part of the country. warming up and plenty of sunshine in or out of the east and expect the big delays, and northeast airports, the delays likely all day long and even for the start-up tomorrow and dealing with rain tomorrow as well and big problems, severe weather also a threat jean where where you see the yellow, from parts of georgia all the way up to parts of delaware and marilyn and back towards west virginia and flooding concerns because you're seeing heavy rainfall anywhere you see that dark red there. that's flash flood warnings in effect and be very careful.
8:11 am
guys, back to you. >> thanks so much. rick. >> thanks, rick. >> now to a fox news alert. four people are dead after a collapse at the indiana state fair. one filmed it on her cell phone camera. >> (screams). >> clayton: listen to that panic. >> mike: apparently a big gust of wind, they were having severe weather there, big gust gets underneath the metal rigging and crashed down on to the crew and setting up for the sugar land band to play. >> clayton: we learned this from vanessa mcclure, with the latest, what can you tell us at this hour? >> good morning, guys, well, the indiana straight fair is closed and you can see why. take a look behind me, this is all that's left of that stage that collapsed last night and you just watched the video, witnesses describing it as one
8:12 am
of the most terrifying things they've seen and to go through the time line here, sugar land was getting ready to go on stage and the band wasn't up there yet. roughly 12,000 fans were here waiting on them and that's when they say there was only a little bit of rain in the area and it was a massive gust of wind caught everyone off guard and crushing people and trapping people, this morning, four people are dead and more than 40 injured. state officials say they expect both of those numbers to go up through the day. we talked to people who are here right when it happened. >> i see looking over my shoulder and coming down and people screaming and yelling and they kept going and moving trash cans and everything else. >> now, this morning we're expecting to hear again from state officials as well as state fair officials, some questions, obviously, about severe weather policy. should this many people have been out at the fairgrounds and with the storms that were rolling in, as well as the setup of the stage and we will bring you the updates, sometime this morning between
8:13 am
nine and noon, for now the latest from indianapolis. >> yeah, thanks, vanessa. >> we're going to be talking to somebody who was actually there live a little later on in the show. meanwhile, coming up, working on the new world trade center can be hard work, so hard the ground zero workers are hitting hard stuff for lunch. >> and then how does rick perry fit into the presidential race? can he quickly become a front runner? chris wallace from fox news sunday is here next. we'll ask him. ♪ [ male announcer ] heard this one? listen to this. three out of four americans don't get enough vegetables. so here's five bucks to help you buy v8 juice. five bucks. that's a lot of green. go to for coupons. you can count on us. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber
8:14 am
while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
8:15 am
. >> clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends," michele bachmann won in the straw poll, what does it mean for the general election, chris wallace joins us to talk about
8:16 am
it. we were talking with steve brown, we know you were 70 yards away to michele bachmann. what does it mean for her and the rest of the field? >> well, look, i think she comes out of iowa as a serious contender for the g.o.p. presidential nomination. i think at this point. you would have to say and it's early yet. that there are pre three potential, and not that the others can't win. right now i would say there are three potential contenders for the nomination. mitt romney, the front runner all along. and rick perry, who just got in the race and michele bachmann. the thing that impresses me about bachmann, from the first debate, second debate and told our little secret, we pre taped our interview with her a few minutes ago, on at the top of the hour, she gets more and more impressive with every appearance. and you know, people thought well, she might be a one issue candidate or does she have the
8:17 am
strength and depth? she's for real. >> you know what, chris, think about a year ago, you know there were magazines, maybe some comedy shows, making fun of her and now, look where she is this morning, chris. >> well, you know, look, it's a great thing about politics. we in the media can say anything we want, but you know, people get to make up their own minds and do. and often times, it's not only, it's not because of what the media says, it's because it's exactly the opposite of what the media says and that's great. people make up their own minds and she is speaking to the concern that a lot of people have with the direction this country is going, and i also think the personal story, the fact that in a lot of cases she's put her money where her mouth is. some people talk about family values and she is raised 23 foster kids, a pretty good story. >> juliet: you're out there in iowa and other news, maybe didn't hear that rick perry is running for reelection.
8:18 am
you did hear that, i guarantee, yes, and of course now he's getting criticism for doing it, you know, taking the spotlight away from michele bachmann and the iowa poll as well. what's your feeling on that? is it a good strategy. >> look, i think some-- no, well, i thought it was a little clever by half to do it the day of the iowa straw poll. you know, announce a week ago or announce a week from now, but having said it, honestly, juliet in about two days that's all forgotten and he's going to rise and stand on the strength of his candidacy. he's got a strong record, too, look, he's been the governor of texas for ten years and they have a fabulous story in terms of economic growth. this is an amazing statistic of all the jobs that have been created since the recession started in 2008, 37% of them have been created in texas. more than one out of every three. that's, you know, look for, a big issue is turning the economy around and job creation he's got a story to
8:19 am
tell. >> juliet: there was an awful lot of criticism about the prayer event in houston, the response it was called and he is against abortion, against gay rights. will that come back to haunt him on the national scale. >> listen, in terms of the republican party. you know, being the social conservative is very much what is, i don't think you could win without being a social conservative to win the nomination, but you know, what you bring up a better point, which is a bigger point. which is, look, romney has been through the process before. michele bachmann has basically been in it for several months, and it's a different league. it's like being in the minors and i don't mean that as any aspersion on texas, but you run for president of the united states and you have 100 reporters following you around and picking over everything you say, it's a different game. maybe he'll be great at it, maybe he won't. we'll see. >> mike: if moderates are the key to the election, who is
8:20 am
the most moderate, wouldn't it be mitt romney. >> first you've got to win the nomination, and moderates won't normally win the g.o.p. once again, michele bachmann at the top of the hour. >> clayton: with chris wallace on fox news sunday, the winner of the ames, iowa straw poll. always great to see you. >> thank you. >> mike: we apparently have an eyewitness at the indiana state fair, the stage collapse killing four people. 40 people injured. we need to talk to that eyewitness and we'll do it after the break. >> clayton: and you can commit fraud, you can go to jail, but when acorn commits voter fraud. that's a piddly fine. will that teach the group a lesson or in 2012? ♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> welcome back and some quick headlines. take a look at incredible new video outside london. rioters clashing with local police. they're calling on prime minister david cameron to not cut benefits of accused rioters from their homes. and it's raining metals. check out this scene this atlanta after railings from a bridge came crumbling down on to a busy highway. thankfully nobody was under the railings when the railings came down and the bridge will remain closed indefinitely. >> incredible job there with those headlines. >> thanks. >> a nevada district court judge frustrated he could only find the defunct group acorn for voter fraud. the organization pled guilty to handing out bonuses to employees who registered extra voters in the 2008
8:25 am
presidential election. fox news anchor and correspondent eric shawn comes in here. out in nevada. >> good to see you. >> mike: what are they accused of doing specifically this this case. >> this is unbelievable, judge donald mosley, he's in nevada and gave it to acorn, all the cases against acorn, it's not us, it's the rogue workers who time and time again allegedly filed false voter registration and applications, favorite story was in washington state one of the guys told prosecutors got too much work making up names, watched tv and smoked marijuana. >> mike: in this case, acorn admitted i'll give you extra money if you get over 20 registered voters. >> it was called blackjack or 21, remember, this is las vegas. if you registered more than 21, 21 or more voters you got paid. that's a bonus, unlawful compensation for voter registration. that's illegal. this is the first and only time in all of these cases
8:26 am
that acorn itself, as an organization, pled guilty to a felony count and judge mosley, boy, listen to him. he says if all of this stuff is true about acorn, they've turned our election system into a banana republic. here is judge mosley. >> he's coming. >> that suggests a rather substanti substantial... in my view, it is making a mockery of our election process. individuals in this courtroom-- responsible for this kind of thing for ten years, banana repu republic not the united states. >> goes against all of our foundations, doesn't it.
8:27 am
>> that's it, you want to defend republic and defend democracy and voter registration fraud undermines that. >> mike: what was the fine. >> $5,000. >> mike: that's all he could do. >> the acorn wanted $1,000. >> the judge said should be sentenced ten years. >> and the clipboard, and register to vote. that's fine to go after-- >> get people signed up. you can't be paying. >> not only that, you can't make up the names, you can't make up the stuff and make up absentee ballots and the other issues that we're finding and voter fraud unit here at fox news. >> mike: tell me about it. >> we've been investigating and for three years, investigating allegations of voter fraud across the country, acorn in washington state, workers went to jail. a case in troy, new york, three indictments, they allegedly made up the absentee ballots to try to steal an election and public officials indicted and we've seen this
8:28 am
around the country. >> if you happen to see anything that looks like voter fraud, as eric was saying there, go to voter, okay? next up, stay here, eric. >> thank you. >> mike: next up on the rundown, a woman at the indiana state fair a few feet from the concert stage when it collapsed. we'll talk to her about what happened exactly. then, he's been up there for three days, what is he doing? that guy is not coming down unless you give him a hamburger and a cigarette. why he's up on that terror. what made him go up there. remember this? >> well, all i hear all day long is how great marsha is is this who are how wonderful marsha did that, marsha, marsha, marsha. >> mike: oh, jan, jan, relax. all of you middle children, chill out a little bit. why our older siblings might be a little jealous this morning. ♪
8:29 am
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8:31 am
ichl. >> clayton: this is a fox news alert. >> juliet: the indiana state fair cancelled after a horrifying accident. a giant metal stage collapsing like a house of cards on top of them. the whole thing caught on
8:32 am
camera, take a look at this. wendy was standing right by the stage when it collapsed and she joins us right now on the phone. lindsey, thanks for being here today. and i can't imagine what that must have been like standing there. tell us what you saw. >> we were just standing there waiting for the sugar land to come on and a gust of wind and like slow motion it waved back and forth and fell over. >> clayton: it was in between two shows. the first act had just gotten off the stage and did you see crew members, waiting for sugar land to come on stage when this happened? >> i personally did not. we were watching more of the clouds, and they were talking about going back and said, stay because i wanted to see it. we were just watching the clouds and taking pictures. >> mike: have you been watching the footage we've
8:33 am
been showing here? where were you, if you did see it, where were you in relationship to the stage, how close were you and were you concerned about the weather? >> i was about right where the top metal people fell. that's about where i was standing and i was concerned, but not concerned enough because i was a big fan and i feel they gave us the proper warning and said, you know, you need to go if it gets bad, but being a big sugar land myself i was one of the people that decided to stay and other people were leaving. >> juliet: so, wait, so, okay. you get a warning and you actually started to see the stage sway. so, we're kind of looking at the video and hard for us, it looks almost as though there's sort of a clearing there. had people started to get away from the stage they had been told to get away from the stage? >> the sugar pit was not completely full, so, i didn't see very many people leaving that area, i know in the grandstand i saw people moving
8:34 am
and a few leaving the track, but it wasn't full, so, it was about the same amount of people. >> what we're looking at here, that's a track. so that clearing there is the track in between the main grassy area and the stands. so, just to clarify with juliet was asking you, you guys received a warning. did they come on the loud speakers and say there's a storm approaching. >> mike: stay at your risk. >> clayton: stay at your own risk or go home? what did they say exactly. >> no they came on stage and said that the weather, they looked at radar and it was looking severe, that if they had to, they would tell us to go to the colosseum and other buildings behind the grandstands and they would resume the show at a later time if the storm passed in time. >> well, lindsey, thanks, i mean, i think it's safe to say that we're lucky there weren't more people injured in this and all the people that were right by that stage. you included and happy you're
8:35 am
safe and sound this morning. thank you, lindsey. >> mike: that track was there. >> juliet: it does look like a house of cards, it was just like, wow, that's crazy. we'll give you some more updates 0en the situation because of course, there are people at the hospital right now and some officials are saying there's concern the death toll may rise. >> mike: probably so. >> clayton: we're talking about the story on ground zero, building the whole area back up, at ground zero, it's been ten years and hard to believe since the towers fell and of course, construction crews trying to work around the clock to get it done and now the new york post this morning, pulling the curtains back on a little dirty secret happening down there. and one of the workers taking lunch breaks getting boozed up. five beers or more and going back to work and putting up more girders. >> mike: and the new york post is doing the undercover story, the picture there, that's about noon down by ground zero and two bars on murray street adjacent to ground zero and there they are around noon time drinking shots and
8:36 am
whiskey and some beer. >> juliet: with their union info right on the back there and one guy's face completely, i mean, full view. >> clayton: we've asked the question before about the individuals working for different car companies and the union workers on their breaks or working, drinking before going to the job. and you know, viewers are saying they're outraged and does it change it at all because they're down there working on ground zero? you brought up the safety concern, right. >> juliet: for their own safety and people around them. >> clayton: we've had crane accidents before, think about the crane accidents and over budget, too, and this isn't the first time they've been caught and first time in 2009 a group of guys down there at the bars. >> i rer hearing about this, the bar that was right by john f. kennedy, jr.'s house p. >> tribeca. >> and the bar tenders saying it happens. >> they're climbing up 78 stories, what do you think.
8:37 am
the e-mail at bottom of the screen., linked in as well. >> juliet:@juliet huddy. the rest of your headlines, pakistani police still don't know who kidnapped an american development expert from his home at gun point and several possible suspects in connection with the abduction of warren weinstein, including his own security guards have been questioned and right now, motive is unclear. more troubling news revealed about the suspect being held in connection with the death of robin gardner, the missing american woman in aruba. his ex-wife describing gary as a man who quote, can't control his anger, and meanwhile, sandals and a pink shirt found during a search of an abandoned mine do not belong to gardner and he said he saw her last snorkeling on the 2nd. and claims the 35-year-old never made it out of the water. this one, i don't know, he towers over everyone, a guy
8:38 am
dangling from a radio tower the last three days in tulsa, oklahoma, thursday morning he got up there and police don't know why, and he hasn't said if he's suicidal and doesn't seem to be making any demands except he wants a hamburger, an avid rock climber supposedly and sleeping up there. >> wow. >> all he wants is a hamburger and a cig. police say they will give him that when he comes down. >> clayton: and main his radio wasn't working and wanted better signal and head up to the top of the tower. >> juliet: that's true, or his phone. >> clayton: staticy, i'll climb the tower. >> mike: or he could be-- here is rick. speaking of. >> speaking of, uh-huh. >> we still don't know how high the tower is. did anybody say anything. >> mike: i'm going to google it right now. >> thank you, i want to know. the eastern part of the country a lot of rain all day long and a lot of the day tomorrow, especially the northeast and any flight plans are going to be on the roads it's rough and very significant flooding going on across much of new jersey and parts of delaware right now, so, i'll be careful if you're
8:39 am
headed out here and stay inside if you can. and the center part of the country dry and four corners dealing with rain and throughout the afternoon and nebraska this afternoon we'll see showers develop, but the eastern part of the country. take a look at this, anywhere you see the red. four inches or so of rain and that extends from parts of new jersey around philadelphia up towards much of connecticut and we will be seeing some flooding from all of this, but temps around the great lakes, very cool day with some of the showers, and down across the south, it's still warm and then we're talking about tropics, hurricane season and we're about to have our 7th storm. this is the 6th storm of the year and franklin, no problems for anyone, this next one tropical depression 7 will likely become gert later on in the day and tomorrow, skirt close to bermuda. if you have any plans there, it's going to be a bit of a rough day, behind that another storm that's likely going to follow in the path of what will become gert. an active time right now in the tropics and none headed to the u.s. guys. >> thanks, gert. >> thank you. >> all right. a new study out a new book out
8:40 am
this morning, saying that the middle children that we've all come to sort of always pick on, always assume, never really do well clamor for children. wook like i to be one of the most-- you know who i relate to on the brady bunch. >> who, mike? >> jan. >> every time marsha turns around they hand her a blue ribbon or something. >> you know that isn't so. marsha worked hard for those things all i hear all day long how great marsha is is this or how wonderful marsha did that, marsha, marsha, marsha. >> juliet: jan didn't get ribbons, because she was a nerd, that's why. a nerd. >> didn't have anything to do. >> and i didn't have marsha, marsha, marsha, i had thomas, thomas, thomas. six kids. >> juliet: a rocket
8:41 am
scientists. >> mike: not a rocket scientist, a nuclear fi physicist, i'm fifth and sister kathleen, he was valedictorian and she was absolute torion and i think at one point they didn't know. >> good news for you, mike, take a look at this, there are other middle children here wildly successful. john f. kennedy, the dalai lama, nelson mandela, earnest hemmingway and risk takers, donald trump. >> and bill gates. anyone else that can possibly make that list even more impressive? >> oh. >> look at that, apparently not. >> and silhouetted figure and if it's mike jerrick, doesn't belong that. >> hello, dolly. >> got some e-mails coming in, get back here. >> mallory from pennsylvania writes they say the difference between your first child and third child, your first child swallows a quarter and rush him to the emergency room. if the third child swallows
8:42 am
the quarter you tell them it's coming out.... >> i am middle kid like jan like i've been fighting for myself all of my life. we need to talk. >> and first children my mom texted me next and we loved you the most. >> did my mom text me, hold on a second she did. >> and e-mail us, and also on twitter we're ff weekend twitter address. >> look at that. i love you you, you're wonderful. >> hi erica, i don't have a mother. >> anything else. >> remembering that saying january till april your salary goes straight to the government? right, this year, you might make it this month. august, we'll tell you why. >> wait a second. >> oh. >> yes. >> aen then she's the doctor, but not the real patient. this is great. one of the great stories. soldier stories, surprise. the soldier into the hospital surprising his wife at work. they're here life.
8:43 am
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ooh, check it out fred, new foundation. got any of those in my size? [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. for a free brochure, call the number on your screen. >> this is a fox news alert and it's breaking news from the campaign trail. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty quitting the republican presidential race for president. this just in for the associated press. we will continue to follow this story as it develops. >> and lightning bolt, juliet. we'll get our response. we're talking with grover, from americans with tax reform and how much money out of your wallet goes to the federal government every year and i've got to ask you about the breaking news we're just learning about after the conference call that tim pawlenty had with his advisors. what's your response? he's out of the race. >> i and many other people thought he would be the named challenger to romney.
8:46 am
and that didn't materialize and the one opportunity he had to make that come true was to do well in iowa. with his disappointing showing in the ames straw poll i think he looked at it and said he didn't see a path to winning and decided to top running. >> clayton: it's surprising, yesterday you were on the show and we were running down the history of the ames straw poll look, very often the winner of the poll is not the winner, and george bush being the one. >> if you have a lot of resources, known in new hampshire, if you're well-known in south carolina, you might pass on, on iowa. what pawlenty was not yet famous, he didn't have high name i.d. he needed an iowa win to create the buzz for him in the campaign and that was not happening. >> unbelievable. so, we will continue to follow
8:47 am
this when we get word from the pawlenty camp exactly why and some of the details, we will bring that to you. in the meantime, grover, we had you on, because some of the tax information was really hard to swallow, we used to say that you look at your paycheck and you think, you know what i'd have to earn all of that money the beginning of the year until april and all of that would go to the federal government. anything after april would be money that i could put in my wallet. now, it's up till august, you have to work additional 77 days to cover the costs, to go with the government? what's this about? >> there are two ways to measure the cost to government. tax freedom day which comes around april or so, only measures the tax burden which you and i feel. but that's not the total cost to government. obama's run up trillion and a half deficits. the real cost of government is taxes, plus deficit spending and regulatory burden. this year we work for 77 days
8:48 am
to pay the cost of state and federal regulations and those costs are stuck inside over house you buy, every car you buy, every appliance, anytime you do anything, you make, buy a product, the regulatory burden, the government imposes, is inside that car, making it thousands of dollars more. >> i was about to ask you about some of the specifics of some of the regulations that are costing us the extra money, but really, it sounds like it's all over the place. it's not just one specific area. >> no, it's-- and there has been an incredible tidal wave of new regulations coming out of the obama administration. obama care, that banking regulation bill, they've been putting out more regulations faster than anytime in history. and spending has jumped dramatically. just in the three years that obama's been president, we've lost 27 days to the government. so, we work this year, one month more for the government than we did before obama was
8:49 am
elected. >> clayton: we'll get you out of here on this, grover, the other side. they say we don't want the government to run amok over us again. remember what happened before the dodd frank bill, they'll say. with the government regulations in place now we can at least put some consumer protections in them. what do you say to that. >> that would make more sense except that fannie mae and freddie mac corruptions and distortions of the markets which caused the problem. they're not regulating that, they're regulating everybody else and we're getting regulations and not the benefits, but we're going to pay the costs. >> grover norquist, americans for tax reform. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> clayton: following the breaking news for you, word that tim pawlenty now dropping out of the race for president. more details as they come in. then, she's the doctor, but he's not the real patient. the soldier who snuck into the hospital to surprise his wife at work and didn't know he was there. and what a surprise she got. they're both here with us,
8:50 am
why? ♪ looking good! you lost some weight. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories. not a mammal in this household isilling to lay claim to its origin. but now is not the time for blame. now is the time for action. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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8:53 am
>> welcome back. it's about seven minutes before the hour. there are so many great ideas you know, when we've seen all of these guys and women, men and women coming back and soldiers and airmen so forth coming back and surprise their wives and husbands at times. listen to this story. a woman completing her internship at a hospital in florida is called to the e.r. for trauma patient. and an emergency ultrasound. she opens the curtain and sees her air force husband home early from deployment jeefr
8:54 am
seas and as you can see there, there's the video. there were some cameras there. sergeant michael and his wife leah join us from orlando. great to have you guys here. and sergeant, i've got to ask you, you said you initially thought maybe jumping out of a box, but that wasn't good enough for you, that was too cliche for you. how did you come up with this idea? >> i was thinking she really likes what she's doing right now and we wanted to incorporate something like that and i was talking to my budies and we thought, what better to show up as a patient in the hospital, that she was working for and i knew she'd have no idea. >> leah you were told it was supposed to be an emergency ultrasound and you've come through the door and coming through the curtains there and you walked in and seemed like you immediately realized what was going on? >> as soon as i saw him, i knew that it wasn't a taum. because, from what they told us it was supposed to be a husband and wife who walked in, that the wife needed an ultrasound, as soon as i saw him i was like, oh, well,
8:55 am
that's definitely not who i thought it was going to be. >> all of this is going on and cameras going off and flashes going off. did you know, were you aware that this was going to be such a media loved event? >> i had no idea it was going to happen at all and then i didn't even notice that the cameras were there until after i had kissed him a couple of times and then i kind of was like, oh, my goodness, a lot of cameras. >> juliet: sergeant, why did you decide to do something special, why not come home august 20th like you were supposed to come home? >> this was my fourth deployment since being married and it's very tough on a spouse for active duty, especially if there are a lot of deployments, so, this was really about her and i wanted her to feel special this time and she deserved it because she really has the hardest job of all and that's coping the home front okay while i'm gone. >> juliet: leah, i see you, rubbing your husband's arm there and happy to have him back. how does it been for you while he's been away these four
8:56 am
times? >> yes, ma'am, very happy. >> has it been difficult for you? >> i can't hear her either. >> juliet: i'm sorry about that, and while you get fixed up there, sergeant, you know, you mentioned it's difficult for her, what are some of the challenges you feel she's gone through? >> some of the challenges that i can think of, going to school full-time, aen also, taking care of two kids by herself, that's a big task in itself. i don't think i could do it, so, i know it had to be difficult. >> juliet: what was everybody, sergeant, what was everybody doing around you? we kind of see you guys kissing pretty much where the video leaves off and everybody looks like they were probably clapping and cheering i would assume? >> to be honest with you, i blacked out. just happy with my wife. it was all a blur to me and remember being happy when she opened the door and she just beelined straight towards me. >> juliet: that's a wonderful surprise and you guys look like you're very much in love. congratulations, welcome back. and best of luck to you.
8:57 am
>> thank you, thank you, ma'am. >> juliet: thank you. all righty, we're going to move on. following two breaking news stories right now. word that tim pawlenty dropping out of the race for president on the heels of the iowa poll. also, big development in that deadly accident at the indiana state fair. concert stage as you just saw collapsed on a crowd. it was a sugar land concert. sugar land is a band, about to go on stage. more "fox & friends" after this.
8:58 am
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8:59 am
>> good morning, everybody, it is sunday, august 14th. i'm juliet huddy in for alisyn a camerota. we begin with a fox news alert. moments ago former governor tim pawlenty says i quit. he drops out of race. what does this mean for the rest of the ticket, michael. >> more breaking news at the wake of this horror at the indiana state fair. [screams]
9:00 am
now, another person confirmed dead at this hour after strong winds and a storm moved throughout area, a burst of wind, gust of wind knocked the stage down. more from the fairgrounds there in indiana. >> police are shutting down cell phone towers to stop angry protests. isn't that what we tell the middle east dictators not to do? sounds eerily familiar like in tunisia. "fox & friends" hour number four starts rate now. captions by closed captioning services >> breaking news this morning. republican presidential hopeful tim pawlenty, is he dropping out of the 2012 presidential race. he a o. nounsed it this morning. the former minnesota governor telling supporters on a conference call that he is ending the campaign. joining us right now live is steve brown in ames, iowa. steve, was this -- do you think
9:01 am
this was a surprise? >> i think there was a lot of just hard core belief that coming into the straw poll yesterday that if tim pawlenty didn't pick off a very good performance that it could be the end of his particular campaign. it's not that he did poorly it's that they did so much better than he did without investing the time that he did here. visits and campaign staff. by acheically immigration mere in mere -- here in the state of iowa he had the deepest team. came up pretty short in terms of trying to convince ron paul and michele bachmann who came in iowa later and outperformed him at the straw poll. as we understand it, there was a conference call this morning. tim pawlenty told supporters and told staff that he would be shutting down his campaign. >> i thought he was going to stay in. i guess it's the number.
9:02 am
>> third place. >> michele bachmann 28%. ron paul 27%. paw length 13%. not good but maybe on the cusp of saying in the thing, steve. >> when the winner only picks off 28% it tells you that there this is a pretty tight field. there is still a lot of folks out there on other candidates and this is not a one away by any stretch of the imagination. don't get me wrong, michele bachmann was the clear winner yesterday. when you put that much time into it, you start building up expectations for people here in iowa as to what it is they think you are going to do. now, if you fall short in that, then all of a sudden when you are talking about presidential politics, they start remeasuring whether or not they have invested wisely with their time and support and straw poll vote and whether or not they might want to invest again in a caucus vote. so, it's a very difficult sort of thing. this is a classic not meeting
9:03 am
expectations sort of situation. and we talk about this all the time in covering politics. you have got to meet your expectations or exceed it. that's why you hear campaigns spend so much time talking about well, i don't know, i'm going to do all that well. they are kind of basically dumbing down what people will think they are doing. this is what is happening with the pawlenty campaign. two, three months ago, he was a straw poll favorite. he was going to have, you know, a really good turn out because he had a really good organization. it was believed that organization was going to win the day yesterday. what won the day yesterday, michele bachmann did put together a good organization, was, quite frankly, a good organization coupled with a message that really caught fire here in the state of iowa in the short time that officially michele bachmann has been a presidential candidate. tim pawlenty, if there was one thing that it was that his supporters kind of urged him even publicly at events, is that they wish he would get a little bit more fired up quite frankly, i don't think the guy is just wired to be a podium pounder.
9:04 am
i think he is just more reserved. he has been, by acheically immigration up in the state of minnesota a very good government. i had one democratic operative tell me and he made me promise him that i wouldn't use his name on the air that at the time he was governor, he was the best politician in the state. and that's a tough thing for a minnesota democrat to say. but i think its was obviously true. you can't win decide elections as a republican in the state of minnesota without being a pretty smart politician and certainly he is. what translates from a state to a national campaign sometimes, you know, are the differences between night and day. >> steve brown live for us there in ames, iowa, making big headlines this morning. thanks, steve. if you are just waking up and joining us this morning. tim pawlenty out of the race this morning making that announcement to supporters assessing the field. rich louer same point it's a shame what happened to tim pawlenty. maybe he was forced to become something he wasn't.
9:05 am
>> you can't do that in politics or in television or anything else. you just. >> especially on a presidential level. >> have you got to be yourself. job 24 hours a day, year after year. that's too bad that you have to have such a big personality. it could be a great politician. >> that's what people want. they want charisma and somebody who supports the policies. >> and support. >> and this could exactly be why michele bachmann did so well and what she talked about last night on huckabee show and why she won. she feels like she being connected. she is honest. walking the talk that she had been doing for many, many months while she was in congress. take a listen why she won, at least why she thinks she did. >> people appreciated the fact that i have been fighting. i have been marking time in congress. i have been a fighter. one thing they know about me is that i say what i mean, i mean what i say, and i have a spine and a backbone. that's what they want. someone to go to washington,
9:06 am
d.c. and be new, bold, different, and stand up. >> it's kind of the ugly truth to politics at the presidential level. you are out there and you are having your dinners with friends and talk about the presidential can dassments inevitably when you say somebody's name. like her politics, very attractive and he really looks like a president. >> is he a speaker. it's almost too bad. he might be a fantastic governor a lot of people believe in tim pawlenty and management style of a big state like minnesota. why does a personalities persono weigh so heavily because of television? >> has to be out there and drum up support and get up on the stage and rile people up and saw that with fred thompson. >> and you remember what happened with nixon. >> do i remember back in those days. >> here is a perfect example. probably a better speaker. listen to him yesterday. >> the fact is for nearly three years, president obama has been downgrading american jobs.
9:07 am
he has been downgrading our standing in the world. he has been downgrading our financial stability. he has been downgrading our confidence. and downgrading the hope for a better future for our children. that's a fact. and i know something. america is not broken. washington, d.c. is broken. [cheers] >> i mean, you have to know how to use the cameras. he knows how to talk. it's one of those things too when bill clinton would get up and speak. you knew that he knew. he didn't have to rely on teleprompters famously during the state of the union address, the second state of the union address he gave. he was walking out on stage and the tell prompter went down, so he just spoke from all of the issues. he didn't have a teleprompter. you can tell governor rick perry there. he looks the part. he looks presidential. >> why is that so important? because it is in this day and age. >> it is in this generation. >> you look like you are a president. >> let's see what he has to say about taxes and government as
9:08 am
well. it's his message, too. looking good on tv can only get you so far. >> we're dismayed. we're dismayed at the injustice that nearly half of all americans don't even pay any income tax. and the liberals out there are saying that we need to pay more. we are indignant about leaders who do not listen. and spend money faster than they can print it. in america, the people are not subjects of the government, the government is subject to the people. [cheers] >> he comes up with great lines just in the two sound bites we have shown you. he was at representative pam tucker's house last night for a war -- >> he will be in iowa.
9:09 am
>> tim pawlenty out of the race. michele bachmann the winner of the iowa straw poll and ron paul and -- don't pay attention to the ames straw poll it doesn't mean anything. it means a lot tim pawlenty is out of the race. >> how much did rick perry jumping in? >> they knew he was going to jump in though. we are not the experts. let's ask the experts. also a fox news alert we learned that a fifth person has died as a result of that tragic horrifying stage collapse at the indiana state fair. the latest victim was reportedly hospitalized overnight but there is injuries sadly proving to be too much. we have been telling you all morning, the stage came crashing down during a strong wind storm. one fair goer captured the terrifying moment as it happened. watch this. [screams. [snsm
9:10 am
>> all of this happened before the country band sugarland was supposed to perform. 15 minutes away from going on. they took to twitter overnight saying, quote, we are praying for our friends and the people of indianapolis. we hope you will join us. they need your strength. absolutely they do. those images are haunting. student to "fox & friends." we will be bringing you live coverage from the fairgrounds minutes from now. on to norway. the man who confessed to killing 69 people in the island in norway has just returned to the crime scene. held on tight police leash as it's called and being asked to recreate his shooting spree in front of detectives. officers plan to use the tape in court. witnesses say breivik didn't show any remorse. is he a lone gunman suspected in the massacre last month. he faces the maximum penalty in norway. 21 years in prison.
9:11 am
>> ridiculous. >> police make an arrest -- the guy you are looking for. being charged with a first degree murder of rogdz. officials believe that morgan who also lived in the same neighborhoods suffocateed the little girl. she has last seen riding her bike outside her home. take a look at this. this was a tunnel quite a large and long one, elaborate discovered in a home in at this yuan that, mexico. the unfinished 1,000-foot tunnel would have been used to smuggle drugs into the united states. they could smuggle a lot of stuff, actually into the united states in that thing. the home was made to look like it was under construction. the tunnel is 6 feet tall it includes lighting and a ventilation system. 10 people were detained. >> better than my condo. >> better than apartments here in new york city. >> including rick's. >> including mine, guaranteed. >> just joking. >> no, you are not. it's very, very true. warm across the south again and
9:12 am
out across the east. severe weather to deal with today. areas in georgia up through the mid-atlantic states could be dealing with strong winds. anywhere you see this burgundy flooding that's flash flooding going on right now a lot of the state of emergency because we have seen two to 3 inches of rain and likely see another 3 to 4 inches some cases anywhere to the north of that where you see that red. today tonight and a lot of the day tomorrow across much of the northeast. thank you. >> thank you, rick. >> coming up on the show how the terrorists escape from jail in they climbed out of the window of course, they used an old bed sheet like something you would see out of a 1950s movie and it actually worked. >> old school escaping. >> 30 years ago this very month ronald reagan tax cuts started an economic boom some would say. should you our current day politicians take a hint for from 30 years ago or have things changed since then? you report, we decide after the break. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables?
9:13 am
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9:15 am
>> time flies, 30 years ago ronald reagan signed the economic tax recovery act, quote, unquote, to revive a stagnant economy that we had in the 70s. >> reagan's plan cut taxes by 25%. filling the boom of the 198 #s and 1990s. >> how america's adversaries membershipped progressive force a century. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> we want to go back 30 years and we're looking with respect to this segment at ronald reagan and how if we were here today how he would be doing things different. >> that's right. very different. august 13th, 1981, and this is how people that don't learn the lessons from the past, if you
9:16 am
forget history, you are condemned to repeat it. what reagan faced in 1981 was a horrible economy. i mean, the economy is bad right now, but the economy today hasn't been as bad as it was since reagan inherited a terrible mess in the early 1980s. reagan's response to that was that we need to get the economy going. we need to do a form of stimulus, if you will. he didn't use the word stimulus. but the kind of stimulus that he used, that he pursued, is really private sector stimulus, what we would consider the tried and true american way of free individuals, entrepreneurs, families, households, individuals, allowing them to keep more of their own money, the government taking less money, not the government giving it back, but just not taking in the first place. and so what reagan did was reagan, at that point enacted the largest income tax in american history. and people are going to find this hard to believe. they are probably going to want to google it and check it the upper income tax rate, when
9:17 am
reagan came into office, was actually 70%. it was 70%. through the 1981 tax cut and subsequent tax cuts that eventually came down to 28%. the august tax cuts generally cut taxes 25% across the board in all income groups. it fault a huge increase, huge boom in the economy. >> not all taxes are equal like you say in your book. he did have to raise taxes though, didn't he nine or ten or 11 times? >> yeah. did he raise taxes. in fact, agreed to a compromise with democrats in 1982. something to the effect of $3 in spending cuts for every dollar in tax increase. but he was betrayed on that. he felt that the democrats didn't come through on that. and, in fact, if you look, at the 1980s and follows very carefully, you can look at the
9:18 am
cbo's historical tables, for example, while the numbers on revenues kind of went up and down depending on the economy. the one constant throughout the 1980s and one con strand? 150 years in america is that spending goes up every single year. spending always goes up. that's what causes recession. >> the debt ceiling had to be raised during his recession in double digits just like we have always done. but, do you think in this day and age of the tea party he could be elected? >> well, i do. i do think so. also the critical point on the debt ceiling debate back today as compared to really the non-debate in the 1980s is what president obama did, and the democratic congress in early 2008, is that did an 800 billion-dollar stimulus that was totally government. totally public sector. that's money that you have to pay back. that doesn't stimulate and the economy goes in the tank, you are buried by the debt.
9:19 am
>> thank you for that read more about it. more info in his book called dupes. >> thank you. >> tim pawlenty dropping out of the race. go live to iowa where the news is just breaking this hour. and then -- >> we're expecting a live news conference at the indiana state fair. now, five people confirmed dead after a concert stage collapses on to the crowd. stay tuned. we will take you there live. [ male announcer ] you never know when a moment might turn into something more. and when it does men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment's right. ♪ [ man ] tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity.
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>> welcome back. quick headlines. new video out of afghanistan where homicide bombers stormed a governor's compound. 19 people were killed in that attack. it happened in the province
9:23 am
outside do you believe. six homicide bombers five of them died in the attack. 14 security officials and police were killed. the taliban taking responsibility. and a manhunt is underway in lebanon after an unusual prison break. as can see, five inmates reportedly used bed sheets to propel out of the windows and down the walls. you can see the bed sheets hanging in this photo. authorities are now searching for the five. most of them apparently members of the militant group linked to al qaeda. time for a nerd alert. >> nerd alert. >> nerd alert. >> a lot of moms and dads across the country getting ready to take their teenagers maybe off for the very first time to college and we want them to have the coolest dorm room on the planet. so, he is going to help us out. >> i will help you out. steve doocy taking one of those little ones off to college. >> sally. >> need stuff to do well in college. great picks for you for back to school for the dorm room. number one up on the list you need to be able to take notes and type things out in class and
9:24 am
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9:25 am
alarm clock. i home. >> also, sony makes a great dock. come over to your friend's dorm room and put your ipod touch or m 3 ipod dock. play your jams. >> my kesha. >> sony makes a great ipod dock and great size for a dorm room. >> this is great for a dorm room. what do you need a tv for. >> there was no one that went to college that didn't take a tv. but you know what you? want to go cheap and small and nice. that shibh a ba makes a great high definition television here. has this on the side. check this out. a built in dvd player. >> stop it. >> never thing is it will attack right to your pc if you want to stream had you -- hulu and netflix. >> >> this is my favorite thing of all sling box. you can watch tv on your ipad
9:26 am
anywhere in the world with a sling box. >> one of the trends happening in colleges by the way is they are cutting cable. cable is going away from dorm rooms now. you used to be able to go right in and plug in your tv and have cable built into the dorm rooms. a lot of colleges getting rid of it set up a sing box at your parent's house at their cable box. >> show them the back, too. there are all the connections. >> it drapes over your parent's cable box. and so you can take their cable with you in the dorm room. >> still stealing, still takingy your parents. >> exactly how it is. here is what i am doing. so now you are streaming it. this is streaming over 3 g to my ipad. this is the sling box i have at home in my house right now. and my wife and my son are watching "fox & friends," and this is streaming right off the cable box. hi, honey. >> so hold on a second. >> it's surreal. >> this sling box would stay at your parent's house and then that signal goes from that sling box into your dorm room no
9:27 am
matter where you are in the country frinchts or the world. >> screw imagined in the 1920s when you were a kid that this would have ever happened? technology. >> can i watch it on my laptop, also. my co-host dave has said is he going to set up a sling box at his parent's house in denver so he can watch broncos games whenever he wants in new york. >> that's good. >> check them out, zeal them on back to college dorm room gadgets. there you go. >> amazing. thank you, nerds. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty. >> an coulter said mitt romney would win this race hands down. we have got to talk to her after the break. >> coulter? >> what in the world is this guy doing? hanging out on top of a cell phone tower for days. sleeping. >> he was actually taking a nap at one point. no way to go through life, kids.
9:28 am
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9:30 am
breaking news. tim pawlenty dropping out of the race. the former minnesota governor breaking news on a conference call this morning. >> steve brown from more -- ames west virginia with more on this. are any of the other candidates reacting to in this morning.
9:31 am
>> the reactions, i think, will be a little bit slower but they will -- i do expect them to do come in. tim pawlenty on national tv on abc this week did announce what he had discussed in the conference call earlier in the day. that he was not going to be continuing forward with this campaign. here is his explanation, on that show as to why. >> there is a loft factors that go into a successful campaign, obviously. we had some success raising money but we needed to continue that and ames was a benchmark for that we didn't do well in ames, we weren't going to have the fuel to keep the car going down the road. but, also, there is a lot of other coises in the race. for me, what i brought forward i thought was a rational established, credible, strong record of results. based on experience, governing two term governors of a blue state. but i think the audience, so to speak, was looking for something different in conversations with folks former pawlenty campaign.
9:32 am
we are to understand this conference call was not much of a discussion or feel-out about whether or not people thought they should go forward, it was more of a pronouncement and a communication from the former governor of minute society that he was not going forward what went wrong for tim pawlenty. i have heard from folks in new hampshire and iowa. quite a few in iowa, to be honest with you that a pivotal moment in the campaign was actually the debate in new hampshire. you might recall that governor few lent kind of tagged mitt romney with obama. the health care plan that he put in place until massachusetts that is modeled in the federal plan that so many people refer toes a obama care. he used that line and during the debate and essentially teed up for him and he passed on using that term.
9:33 am
obamneycare. a number of folks iowa activists that were still looking for a candidate here who thought that that showed weakness. that if he wasn't willing to take on mitt romney while he was standing right next to him, then perhaps he wasn't strong enough, perhaps not tough enough to go forward. you can differ on that. that's what i was hearing from some iowaians. the straw poll came within 24 hours afterwards. it was the pawlenty campaign's belief that they got their people here. that said, they got, you know, over 2,000 and that is not incons sequential number when you are talking about the straw poll. if you are at 2,000 and have you been putting a lot of time in and did you have resources on the ground in iowa, and quite a few of them i might add and got to 2,000, i think it was a clear indicator to the governor this was not going to be working that going further might not necessarily mean a better result. and is everyday by michele bachmann and ron paul both
9:34 am
getting over 4,000 vetoes. bachmann come in first. both of those candidates didn't put in the time that pawlenty put n this state. they didn't have the staff that pawlenty had in the state. and michele bachmann may have approached the amount of money that pawlenty spent in this state, but he certainly spent more than ron paul did in this particular state. he had visited the state much more often. and still came up short in the straw poll yesterday. keep in mind, the straw poll is probably the most partisan of republicans. these are big time, big time activists. if they were here, that means that likely they have been volunteers on campaigns. they have worked on campaigns before. these are the activists activists in the iowa republican party. if you can't get them, it's awful hard to get the other folks that attached to them. back to you in new york. >> you mentioned some of these activists and how fiery it is there. where do some of those supporter goes? is there a natural gravitation for them. we know how heated it was between pawlenty and bachmann.
9:35 am
maybe they will go there. are they going to be willing to jump ship that quickly. >> i don't think they necessarily saw any one particular campaign as their main opponent. now, there is a lot of build up about the minnesota twins, the bachmann, pawlenty sort of thing and that they were cutting into each other, yes, geographically they are both from a neighboring state that would tend to lend towards, you know, a sort of midwestern bias if you will amongst republicans. here in the state of iowa, certainly. but, i think they were looking at everybody as their potentially their competition. not any one particular campaign. so, i would suggest that those folks that backed tim pawlenty yesterday. they are free agents. they may scatter in several different directions. >> they are single again. >> yes. >> they are. >> their candidate broke up with them. thank you, steve. where did they go though? did they go to a per j. upton? probably not romney. >> so early, too. still so much to be done before thee iowa caucuses. people on vacation. they are out at the beach.
9:36 am
they might not be thinking about politics just yet. we shall see. we also have to get to other headlines now. more troubling news about the suspects being held in connection with with the death of robyn gardner the missing american woman in america. his missing wife described him as a man who can't control his anger. meanwhile sandals and a pink shirt found in a search of an abandoned mine do not belong to gardner. giordano told police she was last seen snorkeling but never made it out of the water. international group of hackers now cyber war against the city of san francisco. this in retaliation for the metro cop's decision to cut cell phone service to prevent a protest last week protesters trying to where they can use their cell phone. crack down on speech to the actions taken bioprogressive middle east regimes.
9:37 am
metro police say hey, look, too bad. we have to protect every commuters so every cell phone had to be shut off. talk about towering over everyone. this guy dangling from a radio tower in tulsa, oklahoma, been up there since thursday morning. we don't really know why. plistles say they have no idea. they climbed up the 300-foot tower by the way. got that? she hasn't said is he suicidal. he supposedly is an avid rock climber. he has even taken time out to sleep. a hamburger and a cigarette. that's all he wants. police say you can have your hamburger and cigarette, just get off this radio tower. and so cool. u.s. air force band turned youtube sensation called side winder. rolling in the deep. ♪ there's a fire starting in my heart ♪ reaching a fever stringing me after dark. >> she is amazing.
9:38 am
that video now has over 550,000 hits. we had them earlier. all the 10 members joins us live all the way from afghanistan. they told us why they love being a part of this group. >> it's such a fulfilling thing to be able to do this and play for the real rock stars and heros from our country. >> we have a great dynamic on stage and off stage. >> side winders main mission is to boost troop morale but boosting morale all around the world. she has a great voice, too. >> yeah. is he really good. >> her voice is fantastic. >> she sounds like a great blues singer oring. >> hollywood, are you watching? simon cowell, are you watching? >> hollywood, are you watching rick reichmuth? >> star weather man around here. >> she sounds like adel a very good version of adel by the way. all right, guys. so you saw it raining outside this morning when you came in? guess how much rain has fallen
9:39 am
6 inches in the last three 3 inches park. flooding problems in across new jersey and delaware. as you are on your way home. keep that in mind roads are going to be rough. a lot of rain all day long. tonight and tomorrow. flooding problem with get worse for us. especially right here across the big cities the i-9 a corridor. dealing with rain across parts of the four corners. continue to see that today. only parts seeing rain. no rain in the central parts of the country and none in and ceos the east. take a look at additional rainfall from this storm that's going to stick around here and redevelop and bring us another 3 or 4 inches of rain. that will continue to cause problems for us. we had tropical storm franklin that is done with. now no longer a tropical storm. we do have tropical depression number seven right there to the south of bermuda and likely become gert later on in the day. behind that one, another one we will probably be dealing with in
9:40 am
the next few day. send it back to you. >> thanks so much, rick. >> great city of philadelphia. >> that's where you are from. you live there. >> it is a great city. >> it is a great city. it certainly has, you know, just always has a lot of bruises on it. a lot of violence. talk about gun violence in this country you always talk about philadelphia. mayor michael nutter this summer over that violence one particular weekend 32 gunshots fired. three people killed did something about it. >> that's hard core violence. we are talking about over the last couple of years are these violent mobs. groups of 40 or 50. mostly teenagers. tweet each other, get on facebook. >> used to be called a flash mob. >> used to be called a flash mob. now we have taken den is i flash mob go out and dance in the town square. these are violent mobs. meet me down at 15th and walnut and start pulling people out of cars and beating them up. >> lake this video from a few weeks ago. unbelievable. mayor michael nutter is
9:41 am
frustrated because people still aren't paying attention to this friday night and saturday night curfew that starts at 9:00 p.m. he this had to stay last night. >> we are serious as a heart attack. if your child is out after curfew, tall, short, nice, not so nice, the curfew is the curfew is the curfew. buy a watch. >> whining parents my kid didn't know it was 9:00. really? be a responsible parent. get your kid off the street and buy a watch. >> some of these kids you saw that one kid just looks right in the camera. >> that's all part of it videotape it. videotape it and put it on the internet. >> it's terrible. okay. we are expecting live news conference anyway any second from the indiana state fair. we have upped the death toll to five now. we had four this morning. there is another person confirmed dead after a concert stage collapses on a crowd. >> and is freedom of religion becoming a thing of the past? there is our friend there. dr., father jonathan morrisins us. people are cracking down on
9:42 am
spirit. that's no good. >> ann coulter is here also. she said mitt romney would win the republican nomination hands down. now, will she change her mind. >> i know who she really wants to be the republican nominee. >> that person is not in the race. >> no. they may be. there is still time. >> we'll find out. [ male announcer ] heard this one? listen to this. three out of four americans don't get enough vegetables. so here's five bucks to help you buy v8 juice. five bucks. that's a lot of green. go to for coupons. you can count on us. is now honey nut cheerios! yup, america's favorite. so we're celebrating the honey sweetness, crunchy oats and... hey! don't forget me!!
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honey nut cheerios. make it your favorite too!
9:44 am
>> press from indianapolis. police set to give more information on that strategy stage collapse at the indiana state fair. the whole thing caught on camera. [screams] like a house of cards.
9:45 am
you can see that stage at the sugarland concert. it is a band by the way collapsing. right now. five people reportedly dead. up from four just an hour ago. >> unbelievable. >> terrible. >> thanks, juliet. a new pew report shows religious harassment around the world is on the rise. why? why is that happening? appropriately talking about a pew report. talking about church. father jonathan morris joins us. hi, father. good to see you. >> he is the author of "god wants you happy." >> what does that pie chart show. >> religious intolerance measured by specific incidence of representing just abuse, in other words, not allowing people toe worship freely or somehow even injuring people who are trying to worship freely is on the rise. country -- 130 countries have reported christians being harassed. 117 countries reporting that muslims are being harassed.
9:46 am
so, you can't say it's one religion against another. it's up all over the place. very interesting. >> not just in the united states. not just in the middle east but even places where we have some the most geographically cons sen traited religions in the world. that is, of course, near india so hindus and buddhist also experience massive discrimination. 27 and 1616 countries. >> the response to this i find is most interesting. people are saying our state department, which is the department responsible for this type of thing needs to step and and intervene we need a stronger state department. that's not going to fix things. indians respect for religious freedom is based on a philosophy that we have a united states of america established better than any other country, which is a judeo-christian understanding of the human person, you deserve respect, clayton, juliet, you guys deserve respect because of who you are.
9:47 am
and, therefore, i, as a christian, have responsibility to respect you no matter what religion you are because you have been in the image and likeness of god. that philosophy has to be protected. >> break it down into countries because i think that's what the pew research does. all the countries in the world, like christians 130. >> number of countries where religious groups were harassed. philosophy why people deserve the respect that they have. >> is it tolerance. >> it's not just tolerance. it's a negative thing. i will put up with you. how about respect? how about deciding that because of how are i'm going to respect you no matter what religion you are. the united states was founded on those principles. the u.n., the universal declaration of human rights after world war ii was founded
9:48 am
on those principles. we have to get back to them. we need leaders to stand up and tell us that. >> pew report the number one most tolerant country what do you think it? >> japan. >> japan. >> number two. >> brazil suspect there too. >> united states of mercury would say is definitely that when we get back to the fact of who we are. based on the documents that we have and history that we have. we can do it. >> father, thanks so much. >> thank you. have a good sunday. >> ann coulter used to think that mitt romney bachmann winning iowa and pawlenty calling it quits. will she change her mind? and it's here life after the break. >> i don't think she will. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. if you have painful, swollen joints, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis.
9:49 am
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9:52 am
tim pawlenty is dropping out of the race after a disappointing third place finish in the ames straw poll. >> so how does this shake things up? ann coulter is here, of course, author of do you -- demonic. first topic. tim pawlenty out. are you surprised? >> i think it shake shakes up absolutely nothing. he was a fine governor. >> a fine man. >> you said fine. i think that's interesting. because a number of people over the past few days certainly around the debate where he was fiery against michele bachmann. it seemed like out of character. people say look, he is a nice guy. he is a good legislature and did a good job in minnesota and nice guy. people felt like he was pushed out of his comfort zone, do you think that? >> well, i wouldn't overdo it.
9:53 am
we can say nice things now that he has dropped out. >> i said this yesterday on the show. rich lowry said this he felt poorly for him. he felt badly for him he must have had all these handlers telling him he had to be nasa to go after michele bachmann and mitt romney. >> his handlers free advise getting from the press. i don't think he was particularly aggressive. you can be a fine governor and not be presidential timber. that is a cut above even a very good governor. especial if you are a republican. republicans are everything feminists claim women are. they have to be smarter, better, quicker, not the whiff of a scandal any place out there. you are requiring quite a lot of your presidential candidates. and i guess he didn't have it. >> ann, i'm going to jump to something because i know that you have talked about chris christie the governor of new
9:54 am
jersey and you have said this is the guy that should run. you think he will run. you think we will get a chris christie or rick perry style chris christie announcement any time in the future? >> well, i love rick perry. i made a prediction on hannity radio. i have no idea how many people listen to hannity radio, i must be more careful in what i say. and that was that perry would be the great star, everyone would throw themselves in the arms of rick perry. i must say if you were designing the perfect republican presidential candidate for me on paper, it would be rick perry. i mean, he has so much going for him. he has done so many great things. he, himself, initiated a cap on medical malpractice. pushed school vouchers, didn't raise taxes. just one thing after another. the speech he gave yesterday, it's linked on my web page ann one of the best presidential candidate speeches i have ever
9:55 am
ever seen. yet, still he hasn't been throughout fire yet. and when politicians come under attack, right now everyone is investing all of their hopes and dreams in him, i made a prediction that does have a silver lining that perry jumps out, everyone loves him and he fizzles. then when they're looking around we are stuck with the mormon are romney care they throw themselves into the arms of chris christie. there is dancing in the streets. >> wow, let's listen to that let's chris christie doesn't get. in mitt romney, rick perry, michele bachmann, who has the best chance to beat president obama. >> well, i love michele bachmann. i was thrilled she won the iowa straw poll but as i'm sure your viewers know by now the iowa straw poll doesn't mean that much. but it's something. she was fantastic in the debate. i don't think you can become president from the house.
9:56 am
same with herman cain. absolutely magnificent. you can't become president without holding elective office. republican primary voters and i think they are very concerned about choosing the right candidate this time. if you want to start thinking seriously about who your candidate is going to be to get this disaster out of the oval office, you have got to look at governors, possibly senators, but more likely governors. so it really comes down to romney, perry, or my love chris christie. >> what about mitt romney. we have been talking about it here coming up on the show talking with you. you thought that romney is still the guy to beat. does this change anything now that rick perry is in the case. >> we will see if i were a betting girl. i would still say unless christie jumps in, i would think that romney would be the one to bet on. again, that's not a statement of preference, it's a prediction. because republican primary voters have an historical
9:57 am
tendency to vote for the guy who came the close rest the last -- closest the last time. that's how we got mccain, dole, sometimes that works. that's how we got ronald reagan. >> ann coulter? >> i'm sorry we are out of time. >> i just freaked out. four hours and we didn't mention the name sarah palin today. >> just did. [ laughter ] four hours into the thing before we say her name? >> that is remarkable. >> i congratulate you. >> ann coulter, the book is demonic. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> waking um early for us on the west coast sister. >> we sent her a fruit basket so she would be inclined. >> really? >> i don't think the fruit basket arrived, unfortunately. >> we will send her unwith.
9:58 am
9:59 am
we had had a lot of fun on the show. join us after the show show where we will commiserate and talk about other things. >> places to gond

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